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Exercise Induced Asthma Cold Weather Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Exercise Induced Asthma Cold Weather.

Wheezing During Winter Workouts

You've bundled up in your cold-weather gear and mustered the determination to head outside for an invigorating winter run. You feel great at first, but a few minutes into your route, you need to stop to catch your breath. After a few sto...  Read more

Reduce Asthma Symptoms with Omega 3s

Omega-3 fatty acids seem to be good for everything, and a new study of their effect on exercise-induced asthma is yet another example of the benefits of this healthy type of fat. A study at Indiana University found that adults with mild-to-moderate p...  Read more

Winter Workout Safety Tips

Depending on where you live, weather conditions can vary greatly throughout the year. If you enjoy exercising outdoors, the different seasons certainly bring their share of joys and sorrows. Who wouldn’t enjoy walking, running, or biking on a w...  Read more

Cold Weather Workout Gear

You’ve made the commitment. You’re not going to hibernate this year just because it’s winter. But you’re cold when it’s 75 degrees and sunny! Just the thought of going outdoors right now makes you shiver. Take heart...  Read more

Winter Running and Workout Tips

After a quarter century of lacing up my shoes and hitting the pre-dawn road, I would never question that running has provided me with great health, great friends, incredible physical and mental strength, and a zest for life. However, during cold, dar...  Read more

Yesterday was a great day of exercise outdoors. We
Updated 7/30/2016 3:59:09 AM

Yesterday was a great day of exercise outdoors. Went hiking with the kids and carried my baby on my back in the hiking carrier. So lots of calories burned. Now I'm off to work this morning....  Read more

Diet first or exercise and diet
Updated 7/30/2016 12:44:58 AM

Diet first or exercise and diet...  Read more

Weather finally broke. Hoping to go out for a walk
Updated 7/30/2016 12:17:19 AM

Weather finally broke. Hoping to go out for a walk in the am....  Read more

I ate too much. What's a good exercise to burn 500
Updated 7/29/2016 10:20:01 PM

I ate too much. What's a good exercise to burn 500 cals? that is not walking or gym or needs equipment?...  Read more

12,496 steps... #exercise
Updated 7/29/2016 8:24:25 PM

12,496 steps... #exercise...  Read more

cold weather exercise

The key to cold weather exercise is layering enough to stay warm, but to prevent sweating which will then freeze on you...  Read more

Running during the winter

Running in reasonably cold weather helps me stay on track for my upcoming winter 5k & 10k events. Despite the cold, I love observing the ever-changing scenery and the brisk air while running outdoors. The treadmill has its place... its a back up for...  Read more

Moms And Dads At Home Getting Healthy Together

Hello moms and dads! Huddle the children, your furry friends and let's get out for some exercise and away from the temptations of that beast called the fridge! See you soon!...  Read more

You Asked: ''Is It Safe to Exercise with Asthma?''

 People with asthma often have concerns about whether or not they can safely exercise without exacerbating their condition. Turns out, exercise is generally beneficial to asthma. Asthmatics can safely exercise, especially when their asthma is we...  Read more

The Incredible Health Benefits of Okra

Fried okra is a delicious southern staple that pairs well with other hearty dishes. Unfortunately, eating it fried undoes many of the natural health benefits of this unique vegetable.Not only is okra extremely tasty in its own right, but it also prov...  Read more