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Fast Metabolism Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Fast Metabolism.

3 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight

You've been sticking faithfully to your calorie range and exercise plans for awhile now, but you're not seeing the results you want on your scale. Meanwhile, your weight -loss buddy is happily watching the pounds melt away week after week. No...  Read more

5 Signs It's Time to Get Serious about Weight Loss

It's easy to say that you want to lose weight. It's also easy to find the motivation to hit the gym regularly and choose the right foods in the beginning. After a few weeks, our motivation seems to wane and those old, unhealthy habits of your...  Read more

Metabolism Through the Ages

As a child, I thought of metabolism as some mysterious, magical thing that you were either born with or without. Watching the kids that seemed to live on ice cream and pizza without gaining an ounce, the adults would say, "I wish I had...  Read more

Plateau Busters - Part 1

We hear it all the time—you changed your habits and lost weight steadily, but after awhile, that progress halted. You’ve been stuck at the same weight for days, weeks, or even months. There’s nothing more frustrating t...  Read more

Intermittent Fasting: Your Break from Calorie Counting

What seemed to be the latest weight loss fad a few years ago may actually be a formula for weight loss success for some. For others, including Coldplay's Chris Martin, it's a way to become more appreciative and aware of food. What is thi...  Read more

I just started learning about intermittent fasting
Updated 7/30/2016 8:38:01 AM

I just started learning about intermittent fasting. I am curious about it and wonder if it works for losing weight. Did anyone have success with this here?...  Read more

My wife keeps picking fast food for lunch despite
Updated 7/29/2016 5:03:23 PM

My wife keeps picking fast food for lunch despite me speaking up and telling her I can't eat it. She's the one with the money in our relationship so I'm kind of stuck. Over half my calories are gone for the day now and I'm pissed....  Read more

Does anyone practice intermittent fasting or sched
Updated 7/29/2016 9:43:19 AM

Does anyone practice intermittent fasting or scheduled eating? Have been researching the benefits of giving my digestive system a break and would love to hear from people who successfully do this....  Read more

Fast weight loss
Updated 7/29/2016 6:59:06 AM

Is it possible to lose 6 pounds in about 6 days? I am asking because it's just strange to me. I have only been eating one decent meal a day lately due to some serious stomach issues that I will be going to a specialist for. A few days ago the only th...  Read more

Does Chipotle count as fast food ?
Updated 7/28/2016 11:05:08 PM

Does Chipotle count as fast food ?...  Read more

Pick up your pace

Walking faster, whether exercising, shopping, or just around the house will burn more calories, make you more effecient, and rev up your metabolism....  Read more

consult a nutritionist

I was stuck at the same weight for 4 months while remaining pretty consistent with my plan. I finally consulted a nutritionist at my fitness center. She measured my metabolism and gave me a plan to lose weight fast or faster. I chose fast and have...  Read more

Cooking for Fast Lives

Life is faster than ever, so how to get healthy, delicious meals on the table? We'll explore slow and pressure cookers, big-batch cooking, and other ways to make fantastic meals stress-free!...  Read more

Will Power: Find Your Inner Cause

By Beth Donovan (~INDYGIRL) I honestly have very little will power and I’ll be the first to admit it. So, how did I lose 150 pounds and counting? How did I make it through a whole year of a plateau after losing 100 pounds? How do I get...  Read more

Weight Busters: Finding Strategies to Keep Moving When the Scale Will Not

I appreciate the positive responses and “club” name ideas shared by readers of my earlier blog, But What if I Can’t Lose Weight. I am starting a new series to provide ideas, topics and suggestions that may help you move forward in your quest for weig...  Read more

[014] Fast Metabolism Diet

Yes, I'm going on another diet. But this one is much healthier. It incorporates exercise. No drugs/shots. I decided to immediately stop my other one so I'm sort of in limbo right now. I'm still eating well (1200 calories almost on the dot...  Read more

Fast metabolism diet

Does anyone else follow the Fast Metabolism Diet? I'm now down 12 pounds since Jan 4. 38 to go...  Read more