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Fennel Seed Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Fennel Seed.

Health(ier) Holiday Favorites

It's easy to get off track when it comes to eating during the holidays. Although the traditional holiday table can be filled with high calorie and high fat foods, there are ways to save calories without sacrificing taste. Here we share healthy ma...  Read more

The Seeds of a Healthy Diet

My teenage daughter’s favorite grab 'n go breakfast consists of a few gulps of OJ, a toasted English muffin, and a handful of roasted sunflower kernels. “A perfect breakfast,” she states. Teenage translation: "I can sleep a...  Read more

7 Things Your Seed Packet Can Tell You

The back of every commercially bought seed packet provides a basic how-do guide for growing that particular plant. Compiled with information on lighting, sowing depth and more, this article will help you decode what all of those gardening terms mean....  Read more

Calculating the Cost of Growing Your Own Food

Many of us assume that a backyard vegetable garden can save us money, but is it really true? After investing in equipment, soil, seeds and water, do you really come out on top? The answer varies upon the size of your garden, whether you start yo...  Read more

How to Start an Indoor Herb Garden

Do the changing seasons leave you a little wistful for summer’s wealth of fresh produce? Then keep the growing season going all year by starting an indoor herb garden! Even if you have little experience with plants or very little space to work...  Read more

Greek yogurt with strawberries and chia seeds for
Updated 4/11/2016 5:20:11 PM

Greek yogurt with strawberries and chia seeds for breakfast and a salad and an apple for lunch, when I got I unmotivated to work out and ate a bowl of ice cream. I feel disappointed in myself....  Read more

I usually eat sunflower seeds to calm my hunger.Do
Updated 4/6/2016 11:29:52 PM

I usually eat sunflower seeds to calm my hunger.Does anyone else do this?...  Read more

I tried adding chia seeds to my protein shake... I
Updated 3/31/2016 3:25:35 PM

I tried adding chia seeds to my protein shake... I now regret that decision ??...  Read more

I bought seeds for a salad garden today! Spring i
Updated 3/31/2016 3:46:56 AM

I bought seeds for a salad garden today! Spring is in the air!...  Read more

Chia seeds, Yay or nay??
Updated 3/29/2016 3:58:06 PM

Chia seeds, Yay or nay??...  Read more

The Healthy Digestive Mouth Freshner(Supaari)

Dry roast 250gms.Flax Seeds, 50 gms.Fennel Seeds,50 gms.Carrom Seeds each separately till aromatic and crisp.Cool.Grind one by one to a fine Powder in a Grinder.Place these 3 Powders in a Vessel and add 25 gms.Licorice Powder and 1 tsp.Black Rock...  Read more

Got Ulcers? Eat Cabbage & Good For Weight Loss!

Cabbage is highly promoted for prevention of cancer. A compound in cabbage, sulforaphane, also helps protect cells from invasion of carcinogens & even repairs ulcers. Cabbage has a substance that inhibits the conversion of sugar and other carbohydra...  Read more


In this garden we learn from each other sharing our experiences and ideas from our Vegetable, Herbs and or Flower Gardens. We are all sowing the seeds of healthy living together!...  Read more

Pasta is Returning to the Center of the Plate

Pass the penne. Serve up some spaghetti. Fetch some fettuccini. Pasta is back in style. Low-carbohydrate fads were trumped last year by rising food prices, as more consumers turned to pasta to stretch their food buck. Sales of the pantry staple rose...  Read more

How to Stay on Track When Eating is Your Job, and Other Tips from a TV Chef

Aïda Mollenkamp is a former ballerina, Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef, editor of the food website and Food Network star (her Q & A cooking show, "Ask Aïda" is in its second season). Now she has teamed up with Yoplait to promote their...  Read more

Fennel Seed Tea for Weight Loss

Fennell Seed is a centuries old fold remedy for weight loss and is still used today. Drink fennel seed tea about 20 to 30 minutes before a meal to curb your appetite. Fennel Seed is helpful in reducing bloating, gas and aids in digestion, and ca...  Read more