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Freeze Dried Fruit Healthy Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Freeze Dried Fruit Healthy.

Simple Ways to Preserve Fruits and Vegetables

Summer is the season for fresh produce—from your garden, the local farmers market, or nearby farms. It can be so tempting to buy in bulk—after all, you've waited all year for the perfect strawberry or tomato—and when you grow yo...  Read more

5 Ways to Prevent Food from Going to Waste

Food spoils--and quickly! When thinking about your own kitchen, you may not view the food you toss or the leftovers you never eat as money down the drain, but food waste has a major impact on your bank account and the environment. The Natural Resourc...  Read more

How to Eat 5 Fruits & Veggies Each Day

"Eat your fruits and vegetables." We've heard it all of our lives. If only it were so simple. Our bodies crave fruits and vegetables more than just about any other food because we tend to get far fewer of them than we need. We ofte...  Read more

Herbs and Spices to ''Spark'' Your Food

Wake up your taste buds! Cooking with herbs and spices will enhance the flavor of healthy foods without adding fat, salt, sugar, or calories. Herbs and spices contribute bright color, savory taste and sensational aroma. Tips for using herbs and...  Read more

Having Trouble Eating Enough? Use These Calorie-Boosting Tips

It may sound strange for us to provide tips to boost calories when many members are trying to cut back. But some people have difficulty meeting even the minimum calories in their recommended ranges, whether because of lack of hunger, loss of appetite...  Read more

The past two days went great! I ate SUPER HEALTHY
Updated 5/26/2016 12:04:46 AM

The past two days went great! I ate SUPER HEALTHY and I'm not hungry :)...  Read more

Healthy diet tips?
Updated 5/25/2016 8:42:06 PM

Healthy diet tips?...  Read more

I began my new healthy life style on April 11th we
Updated 5/25/2016 7:43:54 PM

I began my new healthy life style on April 11th weighing in at 297 and today I weighed in at 273. I've wanted to quit so many times but sure glad I didn't. (Especially when my weight didn't budge for almost a week)...  Read more

Well, starting off this healthy diet thing today t
Updated 5/25/2016 8:57:33 PM

Well, starting off this healthy diet thing today to get rid of headaches I've had for over 4 years. I hate vegetables, so wish me luck haha...  Read more

Day three of eating healthy and trying to be more
Updated 5/25/2016 2:37:16 PM

Day three of eating healthy and trying to be more active. My biggest issue is drinking enough water! Soda addict here! Any suggestions on how to decrease soda and increase water intake? Or to quit pop altogether lol thanks :)...  Read more

Funky Monkey Freeze-Dried Fruit

Excellent flavor. Great snack.At $2 a bag, it's a bit pricey but it's great to keep in the car to prevent a trip to the drive-thru.A 1oz bag of BananaMon (banana cinnamon) is 110 cals and provides 3* servings of fruit with only 2mg sodium. It's fruit...  Read more

To get my candy fix..

I love candy 493, but I have given it up completely because I know its just not healthy. My trick though it to eat dried fruit. To me the dried fruit has a very sweet taste, almost like candy! So that way I do not feel the need to eat candy. Plus fru...  Read more

College Students

This group is for college students who are looking to get healthier and need a little support from those in a similar situation...  Read more

Fresh vs. Frozen: Dos and Don'ts of Saving for the Off-Season

One of the earliest lessons my parents taught me was to eat what's in season.  Being from a farm family, you quickly learn that if food is not harvested at its peak it either goes rotten in the field or becomes a meal for birds, insects, or...  Read more

Why Fruits & Vegetables Are So Good for You

The 2010 U.S. dietary guidelines recommend that all Americans eat more fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet. Government guidelines aside, you surely grew up with your mom telling you to eat your vegetables. Or maybe you even hear it now fr...  Read more