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Front Overhead Press Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Front Overhead Press.

How to Use the Overhead Press Machine

For shoulders and arms, few gym machines are more effective than the Overhead Press. It works the deltoid muscles, or the sides of your shoulders, which are good for lifting boxes from shelves or picking up a small child. If you’ve never used t...  Read more

How to Use the Lat Pulldown Machine

In this exercise, movement will come from the shoulders and elbows. The Setup Start by sitting on the seat and adjusting the leg-restraint pad to the appropriate height. Your feet should be flat on the floor and the pad should help keep your l...  Read more

Ouch! Avoiding the Aches and Pains

Exercise beginners usually try to make up for lost time by going all out their first week. The result? Injury or intense soreness. Pain does not necessarily mean gain. Many injuries occur at joints, where bones meet and provide motion. An enormo...  Read more

13 Yoga Poses for Runners

When I first started running, I felt sore and tight, despite stretching thoroughly afterwards. I started thinking that running wasn't meshing well with my yoga practice. Yoga helped me loosen my muscles, but running only seemed to tighten them. A...  Read more

Balance Training 101

What is with all the weird looking toys you see in the gyms, sporting goods stores, and fitness magazines today? We see funny looking things like a cut-in-half stability ball called a BOSU. There are the small circular "pillow discs" that a...  Read more

There is a bug in food tracker - when I'm pressing
Updated 5/19/2016 11:26:10 AM

There is a bug in food tracker - when I'm pressing on entered food to watch food details per serving, it is showing wrong numbers. For example, it shows that 150 grams of apples contains more than 8000 calories....  Read more

Updated 5/15/2016 2:00:53 PM

Please...if possible, give us the choice of having either the challenge section or the goal board on the front page. I've done all the challenges I'm going to do, but I find my own goal setting and meeting very conducive to success. To quote SparkG...  Read more

I did the entire front yard today. Cleaning up the
Updated 5/7/2016 7:49:43 PM

I did the entire front yard today. Cleaning up the gardens, planting a tree and top dressing the former lawn with cocoa husk mulch. I'm TIRED but the yard looks and smells great. I'm taking the rest of the day off. Now... who delivers salad? 😁...  Read more

It's so bad our front gate nearly came off its hin

It's so bad our front gate nearly came off its hinges earlier!...  Read more

May 1st - beautiful, healthy road in front of me
Updated 5/1/2016 6:21:06 AM

May 1st - beautiful, healthy road in front of me....  Read more

The 5 Best Full Body Exercises

The 5 Best Full Body ExercisesLearn how to burn fat and get fit fast with these full body exercises.In the episodes How To Lose Fat Quickly and How To Build Muscle, we learn that there is one distinct similarity between both fat-burning and muscle-bu...  Read more

ID Card "Tab"

I used to have a heck of a time getting my driver's license out of that little plastic covered compartment in my wallet, until I did this... I took a piece of scotch tape about an inch long and pressed the tip of it to the front side of my license, t...  Read more


One foot in front of the other gets you there. Energy to get fit and be healthy. In the end we are the ones who benefit. Don't forget to enjoy your journey!!!...  Read more

10 Yoga Poses to Strengthen and Stretch

This series of yoga poses will help you open your hips, stretch your hamstrings and energize your body. Designed for someone with a basic knowledge of yoga, use these poses to strengthen and lengthen.You'll need a yoga mat for this practice, alon...  Read more

10 Exercises That Target the Triceps

Spring is around the corner, which means you'll be bringing your short sleeved and sleeveless tops out of storage in no time. Speaking of baring your arms: Are yours in tip-top shape? If not, you could help build strength and muscle tone in the m...  Read more