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Gluten Free List Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Gluten Free List.

Is Gluten-Free the Way to Be?

It's blamed for a host of ailments: headaches, digestive distress, weight gain, poor immune function, hormonal disruption, and even behavioral problems in children. But does gluten, the natural-occurring protein found in wheat, barley, rye and so...  Read more

7 Whole-Grain Pastas You've Never Tried

Pasta is such a versatile food, it’s no wonder it’s so popular. A survey conducted by the National Pasta Association found that 77% of Americans eat pasta at least once per week. Used as a side dish or main entree, eaten hot or cold, topp...  Read more

How to Separate Healthy Fact from Fiction

''Show me the research!'' Of all the advice and information I absorbed as an undergraduate studying health and physical education, this one phrase from a literature review professor is one that has stuck with me throughout my career....  Read more

15 Recipes That Use Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a staple for most healthy eaters--and for good reason. Even the fat-free varieties are thick and tangy with a luxurious texture. The yogurt also has twice the protein as regular yogurt. Beyond eating it plain or with granola and berri...  Read more

30 Days of Meals for a New You in the New Year

Get your diet back on track for the New Year with 30 days of healthy, filling dinners! These meals, part of our 30-Day Realistic Resolution Challenge, are quick, easy, and full of flavor. And best of all, they'll help you get on the fast tra...  Read more

Well it has been 6 days now and I list 3 pounds.
Updated 2/12/2016 6:51:54 PM

Well it has been 6 days now and I list 3 pounds. Yahoo!...  Read more

Listing of New Articles in Each Category
Updated 2/11/2016 6:49:02 AM

I have been a member at Sparkpeople for years and years and sometimes it is challenging to find content that I haven't already read. I particularly like the articles but have a hard time finding new ones. It would be really useful if in each c...  Read more

I think the whole spin thing for free daily points
Updated 2/10/2016 4:16:44 PM

I think the whole spin thing for free daily points is rigged, am I the only one getting 1pt every time?...  Read more

We have many free videos on our website. We have a

We have many free videos on our website. We have a few DVDs that you can buy from our SparkStore (; currently everything is 75% off. And a few different ones available on Amazon and in some other stores. Thanks for askin...  Read more

Fee-based, ad-free OPTION
Updated 2/10/2016 12:59:20 PM

Hello, I was wondering if Sparkpeople has considered creating a fee-based, ad-free option. This would allow members who don't mind paying some type of fee - annual, monthly, whatever - so that they can use SP ad-free. This would NOT mean eliminatin...  Read more

Post cocoa pebbles and fruity pebbles are GF

Just found out two of their cereal are gluten free. YEA...  Read more

Udi's granola

This gluten free granola is very good as a snack or cereal....  Read more

Calling All Vegetarians & Vegans

If you're a vegetarian, vegan, or just interested in a cruelty-free lifestyle, join us here! Get tips for making the transition, dining out, cooking and more....  Read more

12 Gluten-Free SparkRecipes

In March, I ran a half marathon with a friend whose 6-year-old-son has Celiac Disease. We ran to benefit Team Gluten Free, a fundraising program that provides a simple way for recreational athletes to raise awareness about this disease. Since my...  Read more

Is Gluten Intolerance on the Rise? What You Should Know

Gluten is a protein found in products made from wheat, rye and some forms of oats. In some people, gluten can trigger an immune response, which damages the fingerlike projections of the small intestine known as villi causing them to become flattened...  Read more