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Healthy Lunch Menus Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Healthy Lunch Menus.

Eating Healthy in the Cafeteria

You meant to pack a nutritious lunch for school today. But your best friend texted you while you were slaving over your algebra homework, so you took a break to listen to her gush about her crush. By the time you finally finished your homework, you w...  Read more

Healthy & Fun Lunch Ideas for Kids

Although a packed lunch can be a healthy alternative to cafeteria food, making sure all those required vitamins and minerals also squeeze into that brown bag can be a challenge. Just as the hot lunch counter may be laden with unhealthy foods, so may...  Read more

Fast Food: Convenient and Healthy

When you are on the go, you need to get things done and get them done now. Unfortunately, for some people, this means everything is done “on the go.” However, just because you live your life in the fast lane doesn’t mean that yo...  Read more

The 26 Healthiest Fast Food Options

Updated on 8/24/16 by Melissa Rudy Your fridge is stocked with fresh produce, lean meats and low fat dairy products, there’s a whole grain baguette in the bread box, and your pantry has been purged of tempting junk foods. Eating healthy at...  Read more

How To Make Fitness Matter

To stick around and work, weight loss has to fit within the bigger picture -- and then made into a daily priority. Like a movie extra struggling to be seen on a blockbuster film, if weight loss isn’t in the big picture, it won’t get w...  Read more

What would go with ribs in crock pot healthy. Is t
Updated 9/25/2016 6:47:57 AM

What would go with ribs in crock pot healthy. Is there anything i can add to ribs i stead of barbecue sauce. Help...  Read more

I'm new to Spark. I need to get healthier for myse
Updated 9/25/2016 10:24:16 PM

I'm new to Spark. I need to get healthier for myself, so I can be happy in my own skin. Can I have your support guys?! #friendfinder...  Read more

Hi im new to spark. I need to get healthier for my child. #friendfinder
Updated 9/26/2016 3:49:06 PM

Hi im new to spark. I need to get healthier for my child. #friendfinder...  Read more

whats for lunch?
Updated 9/27/2016 12:08:59 PM

Hi everyone, I have been on the web site for about 3 weeks now and I am still finding my way around. Does anyone else have a hard time finding something to eat at lunch time? I hate sandwiches and really don't want to eat the extra carbs with...  Read more

So I try 2 skip breakfast and just have lunch and
Updated 9/24/2016 3:47:01 PM

So I try 2 skip breakfast and just have lunch and dinner and watching what I ate .but I seems its not working much. What in I doing wrong. Can someone give me some tips ☺...  Read more

Eating out

Take advantage of the cheaper lunch menu when eating out. Many restaurants offer the same menu at lunch-time but with a cheaper daytime price. By eating out for lunch and eating in for dinner, you can save a lot of money on food expenses and still en...  Read more

Healthy Eating

I plan my menus for the week, shop only from my list, and cook all of my healthy meals on the weekends so my DH and I have healthy lunches and dinners ready when we are during the week. I add recipes to my nutrition tracker and track my food every d...  Read more

College Students

This group is for college students who are looking to get healthier and need a little support from those in a similar situation...  Read more

In the News: The Trouble with School Lunches

Have you seen the USDA's report on the National School Lunch Program? Marion Nestle's What to Eat blog tipped me off to the report and its findings. According to the report, which referenced several studies about the school lunch program, the U.S. ha...  Read more

Bacon Sundaes: Dream Combo or Nightmare Snack?

What do you get when you top vanilla soft serve ice cream with chocolate fudge and caramel sauce? An ice cream sundae of course. Now for a limited time you can top that with hardwood smoked bacon pieces when you visit Burger King and make it a Bacon...  Read more