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Healthy Meat Sauce Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Healthy Meat Sauce.

Dining Out: Thai Cuisine

Characteristics: Dishes are usually packed with lots of fresh ingredients, and have many hot, spicy, flavorful, along with some sweet and sour options. Common Ingredients: These foods feature chili peppers, rice, noodles, sugar, citr...  Read more

Dining Out: Korean Cuisine

Characteristics: A unification of Japanese, Chinese and Mongolian traditions, known for its variety—particularly when it comes to condiments—Korean meals are generally grilled, stir-fried or stewed. Flavors vary among sweet, sour, s...  Read more

Dining Out: Japanese Cuisine

Characteristics: This cuisine features smaller portions that are lower calories and lower fat (IF you avoid fried options) and emphasizes rice and soybean products. Sometimes features tabletop stir-fry cooking, some foods are fried, but most ar...  Read more

Healthy Pizza with PIZZAZZ!

Who doesn’t like pizza? Nearly every mouth waters at the thought of sweet tomato sauce, tangy toppers, and that rich golden-brown crust, baked to perfection. This combination food can be a healthy choice, filled with complex carbohydrates, B-vi...  Read more

Dining Out: Italian Cuisine

Characteristics: These simple menu items have lots of flavor. Portions in the U.S. are often double those served overseas. Many dishes are very high in fat and calories, so diligence is a must. Common Ingredients: Entrees are often d...  Read more

Anyone have some healthy dinner ideas i feel like
Updated 12/1/2015 12:44:26 AM

Anyone have some healthy dinner ideas i feel like all i eat in chicken ugg...  Read more

I got my husband on board with getting healthy. We
Updated 12/1/2015 12:50:26 AM

I got my husband on board with getting healthy. We set a one year goal with a due date of 11.30.2016. My goal-60lbs His goal-100lbs. We order the TotalGym. Prepping for a 10 day detox to kick off our journey. #Here'sToANewUs #Cheers...  Read more

Hi everyone!! Just finished making a healthy turke
Updated 11/30/2015 10:36:36 PM

Hi everyone!! Just finished making a healthy turkey soup for dinner that my hubby loved!!! (newlywed trying to continue losing prior to TTC) what goals do people have for the next few weeks of 2015? Treadmill time for me!...  Read more

Eat your way to a healthier gut
Updated 11/30/2015 8:01:47 PM

Eat your way to a healthier gut...  Read more

Has anyone read the Trim Healthy Mama's book? I ju
Updated 11/30/2015 7:01:42 PM

Has anyone read the Trim Healthy Mama's book? I just picked it up from the library and I'm wondering what your thoughts are...  Read more

Tricks for adding veggies

Add chopped red, orange and yellow peppers to a meat sauce made from lean ground turkey for a healthy pasta with meat sauce. I even shop up zucchini and add it to the sauce....  Read more

Kick Up Chili Seasoning Mixes with Flavorful Add-Ins

I have a delicious “from scratch” chili recipe that calls for some unusual ingredients, but it takes forever to assemble.To save time, I just add these items to a box of chili seasoning mix.Here’s what I add-in – you can add as many or as few as you...  Read more

College Students

This group is for college students who are looking to get healthier and need a little support from those in a similar situation...  Read more

Be Flexible during World Vegetarian Month

October is Vegetarian Awareness Month. Have you ever thought about giving up meat? If you're not interested in going vegetarian, have you ever considered flexitarianism? While about 3 percent of American adults are vegetarian, about 10 percent are mo...  Read more

Beef: It's What's for Dinner Tonight

There is room for red meat in a healthy lifestyle. The key is choosing lean cuts, sensible portions and healthful cooking methods. Serve this flank steak with steamed green beans and some whole-grain bread warmed on the grill. The heat of the m...  Read more