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Healthy Recipes Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Healthy Recipes.

Top 10 Tips to Get Bathing Suit Ready

Welcome to SparkPeople's Top 10 Tips for Fitting into Your Bathing Suit! You can read, print or bookmark this article for easy reference. Tip #1: Eat breakfast every day. Breakfast-eaters tend to consume more nutrients and fewer calories tha...  Read more

Dealing with Boredom in Your Diet

You start a new diet. You see some fantastic results pretty quickly. The struggle, of course, is then maintaining this weight loss. Changing eating patterns for a short period is different than sustaining them. This is the area people seem to hav...  Read more

15 Recipes That Use Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a staple for most healthy eaters--and for good reason. Even the fat-free varieties are thick and tangy with a luxurious texture. The yogurt also has twice the protein as regular yogurt. Beyond eating it plain or with granola and berri...  Read more

11 Healthy Party Appetizers

Did you know that overindulging on the weekends can lead to a weight gain of nine pounds a year? To stay on track and still have fun with friends and family, serve some of these healthier party foods. (Click on each appetizer for a wide selection of...  Read more

SparkPeople Experts' Refrigerators Exposed!

Although everyone's preferences differ, it's nice to have some staple foods on hand to make quick and tasty dishes that are good for you, too. So what do the experts behind keep in their own refrigerators? See what they stock...  Read more

What's your favorite healthy food/meal?
Updated 12/1/2015 7:55:15 AM

What's your favorite healthy food/meal?...  Read more

Anyone have some healthy dinner ideas i feel like
Updated 12/1/2015 12:44:26 AM

Anyone have some healthy dinner ideas i feel like all i eat in chicken ugg...  Read more

I got my husband on board with getting healthy. We
Updated 12/1/2015 7:29:38 AM

I got my husband on board with getting healthy. We set a one year goal with a due date of 11.30.2016. My goal-60lbs His goal-100lbs. We order the TotalGym. Prepping for a 10 day detox to kick off our journey. #Here'sToANewUs #Cheers...  Read more

Hi everyone!! Just finished making a healthy turke
Updated 11/30/2015 10:36:36 PM

Hi everyone!! Just finished making a healthy turkey soup for dinner that my hubby loved!!! (newlywed trying to continue losing prior to TTC) what goals do people have for the next few weeks of 2015? Treadmill time for me!...  Read more

Eat your way to a healthier gut
Updated 11/30/2015 8:01:47 PM

Eat your way to a healthier gut...  Read more

Tasty Recipes

If you're looking for new healthy recipes check out Dani Spies on youtube. She makes some incredible food!  Read more

Finding Healthy Recipes

When I find a healthy recipe I print it out and put it in a binder I keep in the kitchen. That way when I'm ready to cook something I have healthy recipes readily available....  Read more

College Students

This group is for college students who are looking to get healthier and need a little support from those in a similar situation...  Read more

Download Our New & Improved 'Healthy Recipes' App for Free!

On the tail of our recent announcement about the new, free Diet & Fitness Tracker app, we are very excited to share that a brand new version of the SparkPeople's Healthy Recipes app is here, too! Today we launched our new and improved&nb...  Read more

Get 75 Healthy, Hearty Recipes for the Grill

Summer is fast approaching, and with that comes grill season!Who wants to heat up the house when you can barbecue in the backyard instead?While picnics, potlucks, and parties are known for burgers, dogs, and other not-so-healthy fare, we believe that...  Read more

Healthy recipes

I am wanting some easy meals to cook that are healthy. Please ahare recipes with me. Thanks...  Read more

Day 191/healthy recipes/zoodles

550 So, I'm in charge of cooking for the next week or two. Yikes. I'm no chef, I'm a baker. But since we can't eat nothing but bread and cakes, I'm going to experiment with healthy eating. I ordered a "spiral vegetable cutter" or thing that makes zoo...  Read more