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Home Gym Equipment Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Home Gym Equipment.

Get Fit Without Leaving the House

Imagine a gym you can commute to in seconds. It’s open 24-hours, so you can come and go as you please—on your time. It’s comfortable, and you feel completely at ease when you work out there. Oh, and membership is...  Read more

7 Places Germs Hide at Your Gym

You hit the gym to improve your fitness, not to pick up sickness. But with the combination of sweat, humidity, shared equipment and confined spaces, health clubs can be hotbeds for germs. From the common cold to hepatitis A to Novovirus, there c...  Read more

Balance Training 101

What is with all the weird looking toys you see in the gyms, sporting goods stores, and fitness magazines today? We see funny looking things like a cut-in-half stability ball called a BOSU. There are the small circular "pillow discs" that a...  Read more

Get Fit for Less Dough

Congratulations! You’ve decided that this is the perfect time to finally get in shape. Have you priced out exercise equipment or gym memberships yet? If not, brace yourself for a bit of sticker shock! Getting in shape can take a significant chu...  Read more

8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Gym

When you’re eager to try a new restaurant, you might ask your friends for recommendations, read a good review, or check out the menu before you spend your money and time there. If you enjoy your first meal, you’ll return again and aga...  Read more

You are my hero if you exercise at home! :) I'm SA
Updated 5/21/2016 5:13:05 PM

You are my hero if you exercise at home! :) I'm SAHM but have no motivation to do it at home. Can't wait when I'll be able to go to the gym......  Read more

Went to the gym this morning and took my first zum
Updated 5/21/2016 5:07:31 PM

Went to the gym this morning and took my first zumba class. It was quite a workout but fun. I can't wait to get good at it....  Read more

Up early getting it in at the gym... #motivation #
Updated 5/21/2016 9:54:01 AM

Up early getting it in at the gym... #motivation #goals #10lbslessbyjune19th...  Read more

Last night was "pizza Friday" at home for dinner.(
Updated 5/21/2016 10:07:46 AM

Last night was "pizza Friday" at home for dinner.(a treat for the kids). I filled up on water & salad before pizza arrived. Only ate 1 slice gf cheese pizza, & 1/2 cup of coke. Ice cream date w/ hubby, ate smallest serving poss. 1 mile walk after...  Read more

Started the gym 3-4 weeks ago and I am still explo
Updated 5/21/2016 9:37:24 AM

Started the gym 3-4 weeks ago and I am still exploring workout routines that feel right for me. I never knew how positive I would feel once I started making healthy choices. It's save to say that working out is my therapy. #firstpost...  Read more

Home gym equipment

Save your money on expensive gym memberships and invent in home equipment. All you really need is hand weights, stability ball, resistance bands, and a jump rope for cardio. If you cannot jump rope invest in some cardio workout dvds. You never ha...  Read more

Invest in exercise equipment

Invest in excercise equipment and work out from home...  Read more

Stay at Home Moms

A fantastic group for Stay at Home Moms. Find support from others like you. We have lot's of topics and weekly challenges....  Read more

Stuff We Love: Home Gym Equipment

Over the years I have built up my stock of home gym equipment. While I currently have a gym membership, I find having a variety of home gym equipment helps to add more choices to my workouts, especially during the winter months when I can't make it...  Read more

10 Ways to Save Money While Staying Healthy and Fit

Fancy home gym equipment, organic food and a wardrobe of the latest fitness apparel can be pricey, but consumer savings expert  Andrea Woroch says that doesn’t have to be the case. “As a young girl, I tagged along with my m...  Read more

Get Exercising! Top Rated In-Home Gym Equipment recently tested and ranked the top in-home gym equipment. This is helpful because itís nice to have some guidance when making such a serious investment. Best performing treadmills they tested were: -The NordicTrack C9...  Read more

Day #17: The Home Gym Equipment Dilemma

Well, well... I may be exaggerating a little. Not much of a dilemma, just trying to make a decision here. The good news: tomorrow morning I'm going fitness-equipment shopping... YAY!!!! First, I'm gonna check out a few stores I found over the I...  Read more