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How To Burn Stomach Fat Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for How To Burn Stomach Fat.

The Best Fat-Burning Advice

Wouldn’t it be great if all the fat-burning secrets you see in magazine ads and TV infomercials actually worked? If sauna suits, cellulite-shrinking creams, herbal wraps, and pills designed to “boost metabolism and melt fat away” di...  Read more

Dietary Tips for Digestive Distress

You've probably eaten a large, spicy meal at one time or another, only to end up with an upset stomach (or other digestive woes). The occasional bout of heartburn isn't something of great concern, but when it happens frequently, it's time...  Read more

The Top 6 Fitness Myths and Truths

Would your friends lie to you? They just might be... This time of year is all about starting fresh—new goals, solid plans, better habits. You probably have a new exercise routine to help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals....  Read more

High Performance Nutrition - Part 1

Good nutrition provides the foundation for your goals, whether you want to lose weight the healthy way or fuel high-level physical activities. Unless you eat “the right stuff” at the right times, you aren’t going to get very far in...  Read more

Chew Slowly to Prevent Heartburn

Heartburn may feel like your heart is on fire, but what’s “burning” is actually your esophagus. Acid reflux, or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), occurs when the stomach acids enter the esophagus, causing pain and burning sens...  Read more

Calories Burned
Updated 1/19/2015 2:03:16 PM

I am training for a marathon and burn a high number of calories on run day. My fitness tracker won't allow me to put in over 1000 calories so I am having to split the calorie burn up. Is there a way to put those calories in altogether?? I can do i...  Read more

Question re "Calories burned" in fitness tracking
Updated 1/19/2015 5:29:13 PM

I have a question... I've been on SparkPeople for several years now. When I started, I had to come onto the site and manually track my exercise. Now I tend not to do that because I have a FitBit that does it for me. I've found that I'm active en...  Read more

How do I figure out the calories burned?
Updated 1/20/2015 2:53:54 PM

OK tonight I did the Katy Perry Dark Horse video workout that has been circulating the internet. I cannot find anywhere to figure out how many calories I burned to put on my fitness tracker........does anyone know? here is the link if you need to w...  Read more

Sex to burn calories? Other then my normal work o
Updated 1/17/2015 6:22:54 PM

Sex to burn calories? Other then my normal work outs sex is awesome to burn calories and work up a sweat. So ladies get up there an ride !...  Read more

calculating calories burned
Updated 1/19/2015 7:09:45 PM

I know I am burning calories when I clean house at a moderate to brisk pace. How can I calculate / estimate the calories burned during 90 minutes of house cleaning?...  Read more

Cant lose weight? It is your Blood Sugar! Let Food Be Your Medicine

When there is a presence of too much insulin in your blood stream it prevents you from burning fat for energy, your body has an energy crisis when blood sugar is low and excess insulin is preventing the body from burning fat for energy. The result is...  Read more

Green Tea

can help burn fat...  Read more

South Beach Diet (Lifestyle!)

For anyone who follows or wants to learn the SB way of eating. Lets be healthy together. SB is recommended by many doctors and dieticians; its good for blood sugar and reducing dietary fat....  Read more

Is Your Fat-Burning Furnace Fired Up--or Fizzling Out?

Whether you're trying to lose or few pounds or maintain your current weight, most exercisers are interested in "burning fat" during their workouts. Of course, the fat-burning benefits of exercise vary based on when and what you last ate...  Read more

Quiz: How much do you really know about fat?

If youíre trying to eat healthy and/or lose weight, you need to know quite a bit about fatóboth the kind you eat, and the kind youíd like to lose.But it seems that many of us donít really know as much as we need to. In this study, for example, 77% of...  Read more