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Insulin Pump Therapy Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Insulin Pump Therapy.

Types of Diabetes

Under normal circumstances, the glucose (sugar) levels in your blood rise after you eat a meal or snack. In response, the body produces a hormone called insulin, which is necessary in order for the body to convert glucose in your bloodstream into usa...  Read more

Exercising with Type 2 Diabetes

If your doctor has diagnosed you with Type 2 diabetes, then she has probably already told you about the importance of adding exercise to your treatment plan. Physical activity can help you improve your blood sugar control, lose weight, and reduce you...  Read more

The Deal with Diabetes

What Is Diabetes? Diabetes is a condition that causes high blood sugar levels. It is a chronic disease that can be managed but not cured. It does not go away. Knowing as much as you can about the disease is the first step to managing it effectively...  Read more

How to Use SparkPeople When You Have Type 1 Diabetes

Welcome to SparkPeople, America's most active weight-loss and healthy living website! This article will introduce you to all of the SparkPeople features that can help adults manage type 1 diabetes, including our Spark*D Diabetes Management Progra...  Read more

The Secret Benefits of Massage

Just got a professional massage yesterday. First one ever. Swedish. Unbelievable relaxation. Took me out of my daily chaos and melted me right into the table. Sound faded into a shadowy haze. Muscles reawakened. Ability to speak--gone. In...  Read more

Physical therapy
Updated 5/18/2016 10:09:35 AM

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen I have a question why is it that when I track Physical therapy exercises that I get no points for them?...  Read more

Did pool therapy today for my physical therapy, th
Updated 5/16/2016 9:28:44 PM

Did pool therapy today for my physical therapy, then got in some upper body strength training! Started my week off on a good foot!!...  Read more

Feeling so pumped and energized right now. This is
Updated 5/15/2016 9:20:11 AM

Feeling so pumped and energized right now. This is why I workout daily....  Read more

Got a great swimming after physical therapy tonigh
Updated 5/11/2016 7:33:46 PM

Got a great swimming after physical therapy tonight. I'm feeling great!...  Read more

I am glad I went to the gym, muscles are pumped an
Updated 5/7/2016 8:52:11 AM

I am glad I went to the gym, muscles are pumped and I am ready to take on the world hehehe...  Read more

Insulin: What You Need to Know

Insulin: What You Need to KnowExperts believe even more people with type 2 should take insulin to control blood glucose - the earlier, the better.If you live long enough with type 2 diabetes, odds are good you'll eventually need insulin," says Willia...  Read more

Work your muscles w/out exercising

Instead of using a chair we keep a big therapy ball at the computer desk and sit on it instead, I also try to use it in the living room while watching tv. You have to use all your muscles to stay upright and its hard to sit for longer than 5 minutes...  Read more


We will be here to support you during the challenges of trying to lose while dealing with insulin resistance. Type 2 diabetics, PCOSers, prediabetics are all welcome!...  Read more

'Hey, Thatís Exercise!' (Actually, It Might Not Be)

From Fitness MagazineAttention shoppers: Window shopping is not a workout. Which daily tasks do make the cut as exercise? FITNESS Magazine breaks it down here.WalkingDoes It Count? IT DEPENDSA leisurely stop-and-shop visit to the mall won’t ge...  Read more

Sleep & Diabetes: Does the Risk Rise at Night?

A new study published in Cell Metabolism shows that up to 30 percent of people could have a higher sensitivity to melatonin, the sleepiness-inducing hormone that reduces the production of insulin. This is caused by a change to a melatonin receptor g...  Read more