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Intensity Workout 60 Days Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Intensity Workout 60 Days.

Reference Guide to Exercise Intensity

One of the most common mistakes new exercisers make is not measuring the intensity of their cardio workouts. Guidelines say that aerobic exercise should be “moderate” or “challenging,” but what does that feel like? You might m...  Read more

The Heart Smart Workout Plan

Pop quiz: Can you name the most important muscle in your body? Nope, it's not your abs, hamstrings or triceps. It's your heart! The human heart is an amazing muscle, capable of pumping about five quarts of blood throughout the body every...  Read more

Reference Guide to Aerobic Exercise

SparkPeople’s Exercise Reference Guides offer an in-depth look at the principles of fitness. What is Aerobic Exercise? The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) defines aerobic exercise as "any activity that uses large muscle...  Read more

The Best Fat-Burning Advice

Wouldn’t it be great if all the fat-burning secrets you see in magazine ads and TV infomercials actually worked? If sauna suits, cellulite-shrinking creams, herbal wraps, and pills designed to “boost metabolism and melt fat away” di...  Read more

Carbohydrate Adjustments for Exercisers with Diabetes

Many people with diabetes have special needs that should be considered when planning an exercise program. Exercise can cause your blood glucose levels to drop too much, especially if you take insulin or other glucose-lowering medications. Sympto...  Read more

Just did 21 day fix first da
Updated 11/23/2015 10:58:07 AM

Just did 21 day fix first da...  Read more

Today is my official day i'm motivated about my st
Updated 11/23/2015 10:55:11 AM

Today is my official day i'm motivated about my start. I know it's gonna be a challange looking for support ??...  Read more

How did I do? My first day of watching what I eat:
Updated 11/23/2015 10:53:29 AM

How did I do? My first day of watching what I eat: 1. 8 ounces of strawberry yogurt 2. 2 servings of protein bar 3. 16 ounces of lemon tea. How am I doing? What can I work on?...  Read more

I have been an a 3 day out of control downward spi
Updated 11/23/2015 10:27:59 AM

I have been an a 3 day out of control downward spiral!! Just eating whatever I wanted. Today is a new day and I gotta get myself back on track!...  Read more

Weird day today - travelling to meetings at odd ti
Updated 11/23/2015 8:22:39 AM

Weird day today - travelling to meetings at odd times. Having 4 small meals instead of 3 normal ones. Planned 3. What are your favourite small meals? I've got about 300 calories to play with when I get home tonight (or 550 if I go right to the max)...  Read more

Add high intensity bursts to your workouts

When you hit a plateau in your weight loss, try adding a few higher intensity bursts or intervals to your cardio workouts. This elevates your heart rate, makes you work harder and burns more calories to help shock your body and jump start your weight...  Read more


Everyone can make a good excuse...the only thing i make is time to workout. On days that i work, i get up and hour early to make sure that i have at least 60 mins in for the day in case i cannot workout in the afternoon..if i can GREAT! 2 workouts in...  Read more

SparkGuy's 10 Minute Fitness Club

Group for anyone to build a consistent fitness habit by doing at least 10 minutes of fitness most days per week. See the message board in the SP Challenges forum by the same name....  Read more

You Can Teach an Old Body Fit Tricks

I've found that as I get older, making sure I take good care of my body and get enough rest is very important. I used to be able to do a hard workout and get up the next day and do it all over again. I never used to stretch after workouts (shame on...  Read more

You Asked: As a Beginner, How Often (and How Far) Should I Walk?

Walking is an excellent way to start getting fit because it costs little to nothing and can be done almost anywhere and by just about anyone. (Learn more about the health and fitness benefits of walking.) So how do you begin with a walking program? H...  Read more