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Laxative Abuse Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Laxative Abuse.

Recognizing Eating Disorders and Getting Help

Full-fledged eating disorders are abnormal, disordered patterns of eating that become out-of-control. All types of eating disorders represent serious and immediate threats to the health, well-being, and happiness of the individuals caught up in them....  Read more

6 Steps to Strengthen Your Immune System

Your immune system is important. Very much like your own personal army, it guards your body against attacks from invaders (like bacteria, fungi, and viruses), defending against infections and several kinds of cancer. And it’s smart, too, often...  Read more

Shakin' It Up with the Skinny on Salt

Even if you are not a potato chip and pretzel junkie, you’re probably eating more salt than you realize. Sodium, the main ingredient in table salt, can hide in places you don’t suspect, like in ketchup, frozen dinners, instant hot cereals...  Read more

Why Do We Beat Ourselves Up?

If we had friends that treated us the way that many of us treat ourselves, they wouldn’t be our friends for very long. Imagine a friend who calls up just to complain–about you. Or an alleged buddy who quickly says “I told you so...  Read more

Mastering the Mysteries of Motivation

Do you often find yourself wondering where your motivation went? Do you suddenly revert back to your “old ways” without really understanding why? If this sounds familiar, you may have some basic misconceptions about motivation: what...  Read more

I'm having issues going #2 despite laxatives, fibe
Updated 9/13/2016 11:01:17 AM

I'm having issues going #2 despite laxatives, fiber, stool softener a, medication to help with constipation, water and exercise. I have to work extremely hard to have a BM and don't feel everything comes out (tmi I know) been bloated and blah all...  Read more

Just had a family member accuse me of abusing amph
Updated 7/18/2016 9:26:35 PM

Just had a family member accuse me of abusing amphetamines to lose weight. Im trying to take it as a backhanded compliment (I must be losing if they noticed) but its infuriating. Ive been busting my butt for a year!!!...  Read more

I had lost 50 pounds. I found it again. The main reason is because of abuse. Example: our waiter a
Updated 7/18/2016 5:52:56 PM

I had lost 50 pounds. I found it again. The main reason is because of abuse. Example: our waiter at lunch commented on how beautiful my 14 yo is.He then turned to me & said, "but your ugly" husband and daughter break into laughter. I'm devistated....  Read more

How can I stop my parents verbally abusing me?
Updated 8/4/2016 12:19:35 PM

My parents get angry at practically nothing, stuff an ordinary adult would dismiss. Then comes the verbal abuse, saying I'm stupid, low-class, a pariah etc. They even call me names that cannot be typed here. Whenever I try to reason with them, t...  Read more

FYI. Using laxatives for weight loss is a bad idea
Updated 2/29/2016 1:08:45 PM

FYI. Using laxatives for weight loss is a bad idea. Too many people are suggesting "cleansing " after eating too much. Laxative abuse is an eating disorder...  Read more

Craving something? Have it.

My Weight Management doctor, told me to have whatever it is I'm craving. (1) Figure out what it is that you're really craving to keep from eating the whole house trying to satisfy it. (2) Have it.. just ONE BITE! (3) Drink a glass, or bottle, of wate...  Read more

Giving Brightens Someone's Life

If you or your partner travel, you probably pick up some of the toiletries in your room When my DW & I travel, we take all of the shampoo, soap, hair covers, conditioners, etc.We don't use them, but put them in a box when we get home Many Women's and...  Read more

Survivors of Abuse

For those who have survived any kind of abuse in their life; who need support, motivation, and encouragement....  Read more

In the News: Disordered Eating is Widespread among U.S. Women

A recent survey of women between the ages of 25 and 45 found that 75% eat, think and behave abnormally around food. These results weren't limited to a specific ethnic or racial group, applying to most women in general. The study also found that 31%...  Read more

All-Natural Ways to Fight Bloating

By Amanda Greene of Most of us are familiar with bloating—that uncomfortable, swollen feeling in your belly. Whether the bloating is caused by water retention, gas or constipation, you don't necessarily need to head to the pha...  Read more