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Life Fitness Elliptical Trainer Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Life Fitness Elliptical Trainer.

How to use the Elliptical Trainer

This standard piece of exercise equipment is one of the most popular in many gyms. Ellipticals are a unique hybrid of a treadmill, stepper, bike and cross-country skier, that move your legs in an elongated oval pattern (hence the name elliptical). Th...  Read more

9 Cross-Training Activities for Runners

The only way to become a better runner is to run, but the more running replaces other exercises in your fitness program, the more likely you are to become injured, suffer from burnout, or develop muscular imbalances. So what's a runner to do (bes...  Read more

12 Ways to Bust Out of Your Comfort Zone

A comfort zone is a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want to work out there. Comfort is defined as, "a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or discomfort." That sounds conducive to napping in a hammock, getting a massa...  Read more

Boutique Studios: 5 Reasons to Take a Fitness Field Trip

Not so long ago, workout experiences were more or less the same for everyone: You would go to the gym, churn out some miles on the treadmill or elliptical, try a few weight machines or take a one-size-fits-all exercise class. All of that has chan...  Read more

Beat the Crowds at the Gym

If you have a gym membership, you know how frustrating it can be when the gym is too crowded for comfort. Isn't it tough enough to muster the motivation to head out the door to exercise? Then you arrive, dressed and ready for a workout, only to f...  Read more

Let's get STEPPING for better health and fitness!
Updated 8/28/2016 1:36:18 PM

Let's get STEPPING for better health and fitness! We can do this!...  Read more

800 calories burned during my 64min elliptical ses
Updated 8/28/2016 1:03:22 PM

800 calories burned during my 64min elliptical session...woohoo...  Read more

Love the life you live
Updated 8/28/2016 8:36:07 AM

Love the life you live...  Read more

#help Trainer says to eat around 1600 calories is
Updated 8/27/2016 10:02:01 PM

#help Trainer says to eat around 1600 calories is it OK to be around 1000? I think I remember someone saying not to go below 1200.😕...  Read more

I'm returning to spark because this is a life jour
Updated 8/28/2016 1:27:25 PM

I'm returning to spark because this is a life journey that I must do and I'm looking to find a workout partner that will keep me going when I'm tired. So if your out there pls help. #firstpost #friendfinder#motivation. Juicy1995...  Read more

Getting My Life Back

I started my journeyof a healthier life style over a year and a half ago. Before I started this journey I was basically a couch potatoe that would just eat whatever I wanted. The Doctor gave me some terrible blood test results. If I didn't change...  Read more

Try something new

Whenever I start to feel bored with-food, exercise-whateverI try something new. Now have discovered do not like acorn squash but butternut squash and spaghetti squash I love. Don't like elliptical or stairclimber but like the elliptical beast as I ca...  Read more

Fibro Warriors

Fibromyalgia is an often painful and lonely experience; and we hope that having friends makes things a little easier and life seem a little better. Please join us in encouraging one another...  Read more

30-Minute Interval Workout for the Elliptical

I know plenty of people who love their elliptical trainers—and there is plenty of reason to. The elliptical mimics the motion of walking or running but with very little impact on the joints. That means it's more comfortable for you to get y...  Read more

We Tried It: A Personal Trainer in Your Pocket--for $10

If you attend workout classes regularly, then you probably know how a good instructor can help you get a really great workout. One of the things I love about fitness classes is that I tend to work harder, try more things and get a better workout than...  Read more