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Metabolism Rate Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Metabolism Rate.

Metabolism Through the Ages

As a child, I thought of metabolism as some mysterious, magical thing that you were either born with or without. Watching the kids that seemed to live on ice cream and pizza without gaining an ounce, the adults would say, "I wish I had...  Read more

Kick Your Metabolism Into High Gear!

If you’re reading this, chances are pretty good that you don’t have a metabolism that lets you eat as much as you want without ever gaining an ounce. Maybe (like me) you’re even at the other extreme, where it seems like all you have...  Read more

Your Fitness Plan for Weight Maintenance

If you’re thinking that reaching your goal weight means you can finally slack off when it comes to exercise, then it’s time to change that thinking right now. The fact is that people who are successful at maintaining their weight loss ove...  Read more

The Buzz on Jazzercise

Jazzercise, created by Judi Sheppard Missett, is the world's leading dance-fitness program. Since 1969, millions of people of all ages and fitness levels have reaped the benefits of this comprehensive program, designed to enhance cardiovascular e...  Read more

11 Tips to Help You Lose Weight while Breastfeeding

During pregnancy, you gained many much-needed pounds to grow and support your baby, but not every pound gained can be attributed to "baby weight" that goes away after your baby is born. A typical pregnancy weight gain (roughly 25-35 pounds)...  Read more

I see people mention people's metabolism
Updated 5/30/2016 11:01:01 AM

I see people mention people's metabolism do you know what yours is??...  Read more

#firstpost Time for a new portion of my life! I've always been the skinny kid but now my metabolism
Updated 5/27/2016 2:48:34 AM

#firstpost Time for a new portion of my life! I've always been the skinny kid but now my metabolism is slowing. I put on 35 lbs in 2 years. :S Going to nip this in the bud and start eating healthy! Wish me luck!...  Read more

Weight Loss and Decreased Metabolism
Updated 5/26/2016 10:36:08 PM

So I recently read an article based on research from the contestants of the Biggest Loser showing that their metabolism slowed way down after they lost a bunch of weight. It slowed down so much it was far below what it should be at their healthier we...  Read more

Forgot to clarify: BMR is Basal Metabolic Rate and

Forgot to clarify: BMR is Basal Metabolic Rate and is that amount of calories I mentioned before that your body needs to perform basic autonomous functions like breathing and keeping your heart beating....  Read more

Also, what's the best heart rate monitor out there? I was looking at the fitbit hr but I just wanted
Updated 5/23/2016 12:58:07 PM

Also, what's the best heart rate monitor out there? I was looking at the fitbit hr but I just wanted more opinions :)...  Read more

The Calorie Differential Report

If your weight loss has slowed or stalled, try looking at the Calorie Differential Over Time report. It may show that your daily calories have crept up, or that you've let the amount or intensity of exercise drop. Look at the Calorie Differential R...  Read more

Monitor your Resting Heart Rate

Having a hard time exercising in your target heart rate zone? Maybe you need to check your resting heart rate! If you are getting regular cardio, your resting heart rate will decrease. Since your target heart rate is based on your resting heart ra...  Read more

Calorie Cyclers

Calorie cycling is a theory and method that helps to lose, maintain, or gain weight by eating a different amount of calories each day. The theory is that it keeps your metabolism guessing....  Read more

The Metabolism-Boosting Workout

It's one of our most flab-melting routines ever: Eight of the best lab-tested toners mixed together to boost your metabolism, with no sweaty cardio required. You'll get up to three times more firming per rep as you torch a third mor...  Read more

You Asked: How Many Calories Does Strength Training Burn?

If you are concerned about how many calories you burn during strength training, chances are that you are actively trying to lose weight (or might want to ensure you are eating enough to support strength training without losing additional weight). Alt...  Read more

BMR Body Metabolism Rate and RMR Resting Metabolism Rate.. Click on BMR & RMR Calculator: Estimate your Basal and Resting Metabolic Rates, and how many calories you burn in a day based on a general activity level. This neat little calculator will tell you ho...  Read more

Metabolism rate and smoking

I've quit smoking for at least the 5th time, this time it is going to be for good. I "AM" a non-smoker. The reason I bring this up is I've been told over and over my metabolism will go down when I stop smoking, well, of course, that isn't good at a...  Read more