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Mindfulness Meditation Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Mindfulness Meditation.

A Guide to Walking Meditation

The word "meditation" is likely to conjure up a mental image of a cross-legged person sitting still in a quiet, peaceful room. While this is the method of choice for many who meditate, others choose a more active route to mindfulness. It...  Read more

5 Mind-Body Exercises for a Healthier Heart

There are a myriad of factors that affect heart health. From regular exercise to smoking cessation to eating a nutritious diet, there are a number of things you can do to strengthen your heart. But did you know that the mind-body connection can also...  Read more

11 Ways to Silence Your Inner Critic

You are such an idiot! You’re a lazy, good for nothing being. What a fat blob you are, and you’ll always be one! It’s helpless. You’ll never lose weight. Why bother trying? Wow, pretty harsh words. Could you imagine if so...  Read more

De-Stress in 3 Minutes or Less

What is the single, most common problem that most dieters face when trying to lose weight? Will power? Nah. Temptation? Sometimes. Emotional eating? Bingo! That’s why it takes so much more than good intentions and information about nutrition an...  Read more

Come On, Get Happy!

This morning I looked out my kitchen window at the pouring rain, and thought, "Oh good, this rain will really help the grass grow."    My husband entered the room, and with disgust lamented, "What a miserable day!" ...  Read more

Day 2 Meditation
Updated 3/23/2016 7:23:44 AM

Day 2 Meditation...  Read more

Does meditation help in losing weight ?
Updated 3/22/2016 8:46:47 AM

Does meditation help in losing weight ?...  Read more

Cleaned up my eating, exercise and meditation rout
Updated 3/19/2016 11:41:35 PM

Cleaned up my eating, exercise and meditation routine last week (got my ME time) while my SO was gone on a trip. But now he's back, I'm afraid of falling into old unhealthy habits because we live together & he's not motivated to change... Any tips?...  Read more

Has anyone tried meditation? I've never tried it b
Updated 3/5/2016 6:55:17 AM

Has anyone tried meditation? I've never tried it but it seems it might be a way to control thoughts of food. I have no clue but I wanna try it. Anyone know any good books or sites for begginers?...  Read more

How do you start you day. Meditation for me
Updated 3/4/2016 8:52:10 AM

How do you start you day. Meditation for me...  Read more

Try mindfulness

I use mindfulness meditation to help me step away from negativity and look at it more objectively. It's helped a lot to control frustration and to stay on track....  Read more


I do a meditation for weight loss every morning and often at night, too....  Read more

The Zen of SparkPeople

This group will use mindfulness of the Buddha's Four Noble Truths as a basis for improved nutrition and fitness....  Read more

If Just Saying NO Isn't Working, Trying Saying OM Instead.

Do you have trouble just saying NO to your sweet tooth, or your Inner Couch Potato when s/he really wants to skip that exercise session you've got planned? Well, maybe NO isn't really the word you should be using. Trying saying OM instead. ...  Read more

Healthy Headlines: Will Chewing Gum Help or Harm Weight Loss?

A roundup of the healthy living stories making headlines this week. Minty chewing gums may not help people lose weightLive Science says that chomping on gum might backfire if you're trying to shed a few pounds. The minty breath fresheners make fr...  Read more

Mindfulness Meditation for Depression

Curing Depression with Mindfulness Meditation: A longer lasting solution to the spiral of sadness By Danny Penman Ph.D. "Imagine if you could cure depression with a therapy that was more effective and long-lasting than expensive drugs, and...  Read more

Mindfulness Meditation...

Do you practice Mindfulness Meditation? If you do, any advice or books to read on how to practice Mindfulness Meditation for beginners? ...  Read more