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Morning Vs Evening Workout Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Morning Vs Evening Workout.

9 Real-Food High-Protein Snacks

Protein is one of those “magic” nutrients—the kind that can help you stay full and satisfied, even when you’re watching calories and portion sizes. If you’re struggling to meet your daily protein goals, adding real-food,...  Read more

Can You 'Cheat' on Your Diet and Still Lose Weight?

"Cheating" is the act of deceiving others or being dishonest. The word conjures up images of copying someone else's answers during an exam, fudging your taxes, or counting cards.  Needless to say, these are not positive activities....  Read more

Expert Solutions: Motivating Goals

TODAY’S TOPIC: How much should you challenge yourself and how high should you set the bar? Some believe that building confidence by reaching any goal is most important. Others feel that being inspired by high standards or a lofty goal is wh...  Read more

How to Avoid On-the-Job Weight Gain

Even if you love your job, it may be killing you.   Australian researchers found that men sitting at their desks more than six hours a day are nearly twice as likely to be overweight than those who sit for less than 45 minutes a...  Read more

Reference Guide to Exercise Intensity

One of the most common mistakes new exercisers make is not measuring the intensity of their cardio workouts. Guidelines say that aerobic exercise should be “moderate” or “challenging,” but what does that feel like? You might m...  Read more

Good Morning Sparklies! 6:30 am here & 60 minutes
Updated 10/1/2015 2:16:48 PM

Good Morning Sparklies! 6:30 am here & 60 minutes of stretching completed so far. Planning on yoga & a walk weather permitting. How about you? What are you doing for yourself today to reach your goal of fitness?...  Read more

Starting the most month off with an early morning
Updated 10/1/2015 8:20:42 AM

Starting the most month off with an early morning walk. I just need to keep it up. Every month it is the same. Starting well and ends in defeat.😁...  Read more

good morning and have a great day
Updated 10/1/2015 7:55:47 AM

good morning and have a great day...  Read more

Isn't it nice to get a new day every morning. A ne
Updated 10/1/2015 7:49:16 AM

Isn't it nice to get a new day every morning. A new chance. A new beginning every day. Have an awesome new day!...  Read more

good morning! today is day 4 for me. i plan on doi
Updated 10/1/2015 8:22:27 AM

good morning! today is day 4 for me. i plan on doing a 10min exercise video, a 2 mile walk and i am going to attempt to go canoeing. what is everyone else doing today?...  Read more

Morning or Evening

Everyone has their own workout times, but this helps me: In the morning, I get out of bed and put my workout clothes on immediately and get my workout done right away, it really does get me started on my day. If I workout in the evening, I walk in th...  Read more

Weekend Fresh Fruit and Veggie Purchasing

Since I work fulltime and the weekdays are uber busy I make sure to get to the grocery and farmer's market on Sunday to be sure the family will have all the fruits and veggies we'll need for the week (including the fruit I'll need to take with me to...  Read more

Dance Dance Revolution

For those of us that love the game and realize that it's a great workout as well =)...  Read more

Healthy Headlines from Around the Web

Healthy Kitchen Staples To Keep Around The House from Huffington PostWant to lose weight? Be sure to get enough sleep, experts say from Los Angeles TimesYou’re Not Alone from honey, i {shrunk} the gretchenThink Sweating Means You’re Burni...  Read more

This Week's Healthy Headlines

Don't Just Sit There! How to Combat Lazy TV Time from Fit SugarSpiced Raisin and Pine Nut Barley Salad from fANNEtastic foodSafety Tips for Runners and Cyclists from the Fit Stop9 Healthy Peanut Butter Cookie and Dessert Recipes from Health.com5...  Read more

Morning VS Evening Workout

Well last Thursday I made a change in my workout plan. Instead of working out after my long day at the office, I now choose to just get up about hour earlier and head to the gym. So far it has been great. If really feels good to start off my day w...  Read more