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Mouthpiece For Snoring Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Mouthpiece For Snoring.

6 Ways to Prevent Snoring

Snoring—that loud, hoarse breathing during sleep—is a nuisance, whether it affects you personally or the person you share a bed with. And that's a lot of people, since 37 million people are consistent snorers, according to the Nationa...  Read more

The Sleep Quiz

Snoring is a common problem, especially among men, but it isn’t harmful. (True / False)   You can “cheat” on the amount of sleep you get. (True / False)   It is important to maint...  Read more

8 Healthy Energy Boosters

You're sitting at work, and you feel yourself drifting off. Your head is bobbing, and you're minutes away from zonking out completely. Sure, you plan to hit the hay early tonight to make up for it, but you need help NOW. (Snoring or drooling...  Read more

8 Sneaky Habits That Sabotage Your Heart

We all know that for optimum heart health we need to eat a healthy diet, exercise and not smoke. But did you know that the little things you do every day can have a big impact on the most important muscle in your body? We put together a list of...  Read more

10 Natural Ways to Defy Your Age

Have you noticed that every magazine you pick up lately has advertisements for the many ways we can look younger than our chronological years?  There are ads for injections and creams to remove our wrinkles, surgery to zap away our fat, and hair...  Read more

Has anyone had any success with snoring after losi
Updated 6/8/2016 10:09:09 PM

Has anyone had any success with snoring after losing weight? I'm hoping it will help because I'm tired of sleeping in separate rooms from my husband. Going on about month 3 now......  Read more

This week my husband noticed I have snored in 3 da
Updated 1/25/2016 7:50:47 PM

This week my husband noticed I have snored in 3 days. I was going to be tested for sleep apnea. And I'm sleeping so much better. Is it the pounds I'm speaking or not eating processed, gluten, wheat or soy foods?...  Read more

Hi STRETCHY - didn't sleep last night (snoring OH,

Hi STRETCHY - didn't sleep last night (snoring OH, screaming baby next door) Made smoothies with my stepson in the AM but felt so rough I went back for a snooze, slept 3 hrs straight! Now making soup... Enjoy the film & may the force be with you ;)...  Read more

Early AM Exercise

The only way I can get exercise into the day is to do it in the AM before work. I'm too exhausted after work! I do Not sleep well so....I am now going to bed 1 hour earlier! I'm getting ahead start sleeping before my snoring husband. But I can now...  Read more

Weight is secondary

As much as I am enjoying losing this weight I have been putting on for the past 30 years, I'm happier about other changes as well.For years, I have struggled with sleep apnea and have been reminded of my snoring by my spouse. I have fought with the...  Read more

10 Bizarre Things Your Body Does While You Sleep

We tend to think of sleep as restful, inactive and quiet. By while you're zoning out, your body is tuned in, doing everything from piecing together dreams to slowing down your kidneys--and much more that you might not expect! Paralyzes You REM...  Read more

Finding Energy When You Feel Like Your Tank is Empty

By Beth Donovan (~INDYGIRL) Shhh. I have a secret to tell you. Iím a recovering caffeine addict. I havenít been your typical caffeine addict either, as in drinking colas, coffees or teas. Those things do have caffeine, but Iíve gone st...  Read more