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New Physical Fitness Test Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for New Physical Fitness Test.

Can You Be Overweight and Healthy?

Recently Lori, a client of mine, called me angry, upset and discouraged. She had just returned from her yearly physical, which she had been eagerly anticipating.  Though she hadn't reached her weight-loss goal, Lori had made many lifestyle c...  Read more

Exercises to Boost Your Brain Power

When you work out, a few things probably run through your mind: changing your body composition, burning calories, building more muscle and strengthening your cardiovascular system. But did you know that there is one body part that most of us neglect...  Read more

What is Pre-Diabetes?

Before developing the serious health condition of type 2 diabetes, a person will almost always have pre-diabetes beforehand. But pre-diabetes is a condition without symptoms, meaning that many people can have it without even knowing it. Left unchecke...  Read more

Whittle Your Waist, Fatten Your Wallet

Are you a genius at budgeting your finances but fall apart when it comes to setting aside time to work out (or vice versa)? Don't worry: Staying physically fit and managing a personal bank account actually have very distinct similarities. They...  Read more

Reference Guide to Exercise Intensity

One of the most common mistakes new exercisers make is not measuring the intensity of their cardio workouts. Guidelines say that aerobic exercise should be “moderate” or “challenging,” but what does that feel like? You might m...  Read more

Hey out there! I'm new to the site. I'm here to fi
Updated 3/26/2015 3:13:55 AM

Hey out there! I'm new to the site. I'm here to find some Fitbit friends to challenge each other through the week and weekends. 41 yr old male always trying to keep the weight down...always it seems...Let me know if any one is interested! Thx...  Read more

Spamily (New word ) spark+family! Lovin me some m
Updated 3/25/2015 9:55:32 AM

Spamily (New word ) spark+family! Lovin me some motivation ! Hope all Yal doing great !...  Read more

I am looking for new FitBit friends!!! Message me
Updated 3/30/2015 2:54:06 AM

I am looking for new FitBit friends!!! Message me with your email or comment if you want to be my friend!!! :-) I LOVE my new FitBit. It's very motivating. 104...  Read more

Hello I am new to the message board
Updated 3/24/2015 11:16:20 PM

I am 61 and will soon be 62. I am female and have recently moved to Mesa, Arizona. I am going to school online, but I do walk to and from the library at least three times per week. It is 1.9 miles away, I also do 25 sit-ups,15 crunches, and 13 pushup...  Read more

Fitness Tracker/Devices
Updated 3/25/2015 9:35:50 AM

I recently bought the Spark Tracker which has many pros and a few cons. I am interested in buying a fitness/sleep tracking device such as the FitBit Charge HR or the Microsoft Band. Will either of these sync with sparkpeople? If not, is there anyt...  Read more

Take The President's Challenge

The President's Challenge ( is another set of challenges available for FREE. Begun in the 1960s, it has been available for years. (Presidential Fitness Award, Physical Fitness Test, Presidential Active Lifestyle Award - PA...  Read more

Ten Minute Break at Work

Try to see how many exercises you can do for a specific body part in ten minutes and track under other exercises. This allows you to keep track of the ones you have done so that you do not get bored or work the same group of muscles two days in a ro...  Read more

UK MAIN - Spark People Team

Welcome to Spark People and to the main UK team for new members. We are a large team as this is the Main Team for ALL UK members! Join in have fun - your country needs you!!! WELCOME!...  Read more

Scale Haters Unite!

By now you’ve been working on your New Year’s resolutions for roughly four weeks.  Have you stepped on the scale this week only to be discouraged, frustrated, angry, sad, or some other combination of negative emotions?  You&rsqu...  Read more

Poll: Should Overweight State Troopers Lose Their Jobs?

In Ohio, state troopers are fighting a rule that lets those officers who repeatedly exceed weight limits be dismissed from their jobs until they shed the extra pounds. According to this Associated Press story: "No too-heavy Ohio troopers or sergeants...  Read more