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Normal Daily Carb Intake Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Normal Daily Carb Intake.

The Truth About Carbohydrates

It’s true. A carbohydrate-rich diet can inflate appetite and girth. Low-carb diets do promote short-term weight loss, but are accompanied by some severe dangers. So what should you do? The truth is, you can have your carbs and eat them too&mdas...  Read more

Adventures in Weight Loss: Coach Dean's Story

If you had told me six years ago that I’d be working for SparkPeople today as a fitness and weight loss coach, I’d have told you to see a psychiatrist and get some medication to help control those delusions of yours. At that point, m...  Read more

Cut Your Arthritis Risk with Fruits & Veggies

A recent study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found the average daily intake of two carotenoids (beta-cryptoxanthin and zeaxanthin) was lower (by 40% and 20% respectively) for arthritis patients than healthy subjects. Both of thes...  Read more

How to Use SparkPeople When You Have Type 2 Diabetes

Welcome to SparkPeople, America's most active weight-loss and healthy living website! This article will introduce you to all of the SparkPeople features that can help adults manage type 2 diabetes, including our Spark*D Diabetes Management Progra...  Read more

Weight Loss Supplements: Fact or Fiction?

Whether browsing the Internet, surfing through 500 channels, or flipping through your favorite magazine (or tabloid), you’ll find them everywhere: weight loss supplements that offer quick and easy solutions to shedding unwanted pounds. Simply p...  Read more

Healthy easy snack ideas (low carb!!!)...go!! Thanks!!
Updated 5/5/2016 9:22:46 PM

Healthy easy snack ideas (low carb!!!)...go!! Thanks!!...  Read more

I had tried starting out low carb too weeks ago B
Updated 5/5/2016 8:56:41 PM

I had tried starting out low carb too weeks ago But I felt the caloric intake was just too high and maybe that waa why I wasnt seeing the same weight loss as most. I ended up not sticking to the diet as strictly as I had planned. Obstacles #lowcarb...  Read more

What is the average calorie intake a day everyone
Updated 5/5/2016 9:12:52 PM

What is the average calorie intake a day everyone is using? I'm not a diabetic but my Dr gave me the same plan he gives his diabetic patients for a 1200 calorie a day diet....  Read more

How do you reach your minimum calories intake on a
Updated 5/5/2016 9:20:36 PM

How do you reach your minimum calories intake on a veggie diet I eat more now that I switched and I feel like I could not eat more. But I keep coming up way short. My minimum is 1700...  Read more

I have 230 more steps to do to hit my daily goal o
Updated 5/5/2016 5:55:47 PM

I have 230 more steps to do to hit my daily goal of 12500. Plus I did 45 mins of strength training this morning. How are the rest of you doing? Are you getting your exercize in today?...  Read more

Watch your Fat/Protein/Carb ratio

I've found that when I watch the pie chart on my daily report, I am better able to keep my carb intake at 50% of my calories. My body works better at burning with a lower carb intake. So I try to make sure that no more than 50% of my calories come...  Read more

Counting Carbs

I have cut my weight by reducing my carb intake, measuring portion sizes and exercising every day....  Read more

Challenge Yourself!

(1) Daily challenges~it only takes one step at a time to get to where we're going... (2) Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, and Physical challenges~it takes a holistic approach to achieve our goals......  Read more

The Truth about Carbs

Gone are the days of carbohydrates being the evil enemy of weight loss. But before you serve up platters of pasta and piles of pancakes, it’s important to separate the truth from the myths we've all heard about carbs. (These rules do not ap...  Read more

Weight Busters: All Carbohydrates are NOT Created Equal

Carbohydrates are important and necessary in our diets and have generated a great deal of attention over the past decade due to the low carbohydrate weight loss craze. Marketing trends have played off of that low carb craze and so have dieting plans...  Read more