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Old Fat Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Old Fat.

Trade Secrets from the SparkPeople Coaches

Wouldn’t it be great to be inside the mind of a health and fitness expert, even just for a little while? You could learn the tricks of the trade, straight from the experiences in their own lives. Do what they do, make the healthy choices they m...  Read more

6 Fitness Rules Meant to be Broken

We've already debunked some outdated diet rules, but what about fitness? Just as there is plenty of questionable diet and weight-loss advice going around, some exercise "rules" that people live by are downright misleading, misguided or...  Read more

6 Diet Rules Meant to be Broken

Almost every time we turn on the television or glance at a magazine cover in the supermarket checkout line, we are bombarded with the new weight-loss rules and diet plans. We're constantly given suggestions to drink a special shake, cut out carbs...  Read more

Fun and Filling Lunches To-Go

It’s Sunday night and, like millions of workers and students across the land, you’re once again rummaging through a cluttered refrigerator looking for something appetizing to pack for tomorrow’s lunch. Or worse, it’s Mond...  Read more

10 Natural Ways to Defy Your Age

Have you noticed that every magazine you pick up lately has advertisements for the many ways we can look younger than our chronological years?  There are ads for injections and creams to remove our wrinkles, surgery to zap away our fat, and hair...  Read more

Disappointed in myself. My old scale broke, so I b
Updated 5/22/2015 6:37:37 PM

Disappointed in myself. My old scale broke, so I bought a new one. Turns out, I have actually gained quite a few pounds when I thought I was losing. Super frustrating!...  Read more

19 years old, Female, Gained about 15 pounds my fi
Updated 5/24/2015 12:40:09 PM

19 years old, Female, Gained about 15 pounds my first year of college, really want to get back in to shape and keep the weight off! in search of a buddy to keep me accountable and motivate me!...  Read more

Today I started a new journey. To destroy the old
Updated 5/22/2015 6:04:58 AM

Today I started a new journey. To destroy the old me, piece by piece. She's fighting hard, but I'm stronger!...  Read more

Hi, I'm a 39 year old male. Compulsive overeatin
Updated 5/22/2015 10:48:44 AM

Hi, I'm a 39 year old male. Compulsive overeating history. Have lost a good deal of weight and putting a little back on. Would like to find another male or two to be accountability partners with @ food logging. Let me know if interested....  Read more

Walking while pushing a one year old in a stroller
Updated 5/21/2015 5:18:50 PM

Walking while pushing a one year old in a stroller, part of the time pushing a three year old riding on the front, up and down hills on non maintained dirt roads. They don't seem to have that exercise listed. So I chose walking with snowblower. ...  Read more

Try and declutter one thing each day

Every day pick one thing to declutter, be it a drawer, a counter or your desk. Get a paper shedder and shred old bills or papers you no longer need, toss out anything you have not used in a year and give away any old clothes you no longer wear (like...  Read more

one dish at a time

When I'm drying the dishes, I dry things one at a time then carry them one at a time to the other end of the kitchen and put them away in the cupboard one at a time. In the bad old fat days I'd dry them all, stack them up, then make one trip to the c...  Read more

South Beach Diet (Lifestyle!)

For anyone who follows or wants to learn the SB way of eating. Lets be healthy together. SB is recommended by many doctors and dieticians; its good for blood sugar and reducing dietary fat....  Read more

10 Retro Comfort Foods, Updated

One big food and cooking trend that we’re keeping an eye on is the continued resurgence of old-fashioned recipes and methods. You may see this trend showing up in food magazines, which are emphasizing cooking techniques your grandmother would r...  Read more

Healthy, Homemade Gifts: Hearty Gourmet Oatmeal

In the middle of winter, when the mercury's dropping and the snow is piling up outside, is there anything more comforting than a bowl of oatmeal? Judging from your answers last week, most of you agree with me. Plain old oatmeal becomes a tedious brea...  Read more

Old fat pants

I have such a hard time losing weight and keeping it off. In the past, I have spent so much money accommodating my "yo-yo" dieting. I would love to get rid of my fat pants forever as a commitment to keeping it off....  Read more

old Fat clothes...what to do?

Once I finally lose weight & reach my goals I believe that I may keep one or two items of clothes, for those times I feel unmotivated & depressed as proof to myself that I can accomplish any goals I set. Maybe, as inspiration to reach higher goals....  Read more