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Plate Of Food Clip Art Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Plate Of Food Clip Art.

He Did What He Had No Business Doing

Cheers to a boy who didn’t know any better. Cheers to a man who didn’t let a little thing like reality stand in his way. Cheers to a self-taught musician whose creativity and skill is the stuff of legend. Cheers t...  Read more

How to Quit Your Job as Short-Order Cook

Most busy parents have put in at least a few shifts as (unpaid) short-order cooks. When time is in short supply and the kids wrinkle their noses at the "icky" casserole you’ve prepared, it can be tempting to heat up some chicken strip...  Read more

Why a Fast-Food Nation Needs a Slow-Food Movement

We eat in our cars, at our desks, on the go, in front of the TV. We eat drive-thru, take-out, delivered, packaged and prepared meals. Why? Because it fits our not-enough-time-in-the-day lifestyles. Our food matches our lives. Well, I'm certa...  Read more

An Introduction to Tai Chi

High-flying fighters. Hand-to-hand combat. Is this what you picture when you think about Tai Chi? Perhaps it is time to re-examine your notions about this ancient Chinese discipline, which is most commonly used as a system of medit...  Read more

The 10 Commandments of Healthy Eating for Parents

Thou shalt not force, bribe or coerce thy child to eat. Thou shalt set a good example by eating at least five fruits and vegetables, three whole grain products, and three dairy servings per day thyself. Thou shalt make mealti...  Read more

I'm not doing good. Login my food. I got off the t
Updated 5/31/2016 3:34:21 PM

I'm not doing good. Login my food. I got off the track.... said😞...  Read more

other foods that are not included in the meal pla

other foods that are not included in the meal plan. Once you add something not in the meal plan, those are automatically added to your nutrition totals. Hope that helps! Coach Denise...  Read more

In the app, there isn't a way to substitute foods

In the app, there isn't a way to substitute foods in the meal plans, but you can leave the foods you don't want to eat so it won't track them and count them in your totals. You can use the + sign at the top of the log screen to search for and add...  Read more

How do I delete a food?
Updated 5/31/2016 2:32:13 PM

How do I delete a food?...  Read more

Anyone have a few healthy foods that they just won
Updated 5/31/2016 1:48:52 PM

Anyone have a few healthy foods that they just won't/can't eat? I hate Greek yogurt! Maybe that will change in the future but for now I can't stand it! What is yours? #nutrition...  Read more

Art of Presenting a Meal

Think about how much we enjoy our foods when we eat out. The cooks spend a few extra minutes just making the plate look like art! So, TREAT yourself to your own meal "out" by presenting your foods carefully. Add a sprig of parsley or basil leaf on t...  Read more

Keeping Motivated in the Face of Handy Candy Bowls at work

The lovely man sitting across the aisle from me has a candy bowl constantly filled with my favorite chocolates. I finally made a sign for myself - in colors - with clip art - saying "TRULY" (in green) "No More Candy" (in black) "Do this for youself...  Read more


Are you PASSIONATE about chocolate? Do you see it as a food group?! Join other Chocoholics for discussions, recipe-swapping, & help in keeping this important food group alive!...  Read more

7 Stunning Ways to Decorate with Typography

We'll spell it out for you: Decorating with letters and numbers gives everyday items instant personality.  Small Print These decoupaged dishes make for an inspired display on a table and are equally at home with vintage glass objects.H...  Read more

Organizing Your Home Office

Whether you telecommute or just need an organized space to pay bills and answer e-mails, a home office should feel as stylish and inviting as any other room in the house. New York City interior designer John Loecke, who transformed this attic nook in...  Read more