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Post Natal Depression Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Post Natal Depression.

Bad Mood Busters: 35 Surprising Ways to Boost Your Mood

We all feel down sometimes. Whether your issue is a symptom of chronic depression or just a short-term bad mood, finding ways to lift your spirits is key to feeling better and living healthier. There are a variety of options that can help improve you...  Read more

Reduce Asthma Symptoms with Omega 3s

Omega-3 fatty acids seem to be good for everything, and a new study of their effect on exercise-induced asthma is yet another example of the benefits of this healthy type of fat. A study at Indiana University found that adults with mild-to-moderate p...  Read more

A Healthy Diet for Dealing with Depression

Although the foods you eat cannot treat depression, your diet does have significant effects on your mood, energy levels, mental health, and your ability to cope with stress. If you suffer from depression or seasonal affective disorder (SAD), certain...  Read more

Dietary Supplements for Depression

It's becoming more and more common for consumers to forgo medication when looking for a "natural" alternative to treating conditions like depression. No matter what method you choose, it's important to get all the facts. SparkPeople...  Read more

Learn to Love Strength Training

I’ll admit it—I’m vain. So when I put on my summer tank tops a few months ago and noticed the dreaded "batwings" growing on the back of my arms, I panicked. I was too young to have my arms jiggling when I moved! I had to d...  Read more

Yesterday someone posted about doing something the
Updated 11/19/2015 10:15:02 PM

Yesterday someone posted about doing something they were afraid to do and wondered who will follow through. I didn't do it yesterday, but I sucked it up and did it today! I did one of my biggest loser bans for 1 hour! Haven't done it in a few years...  Read more

This is day 2 for me and im just beginning to post
Updated 11/20/2015 3:34:37 AM

This is day 2 for me and im just beginning to post. I find it very encouraging to have people going through the same thing as you are to get support from. Im starting to feel good about this app ?? feel free to add me if you would like. Good luck!...  Read more

My Introduction Post
Updated 11/25/2015 6:31:16 AM

Hi! I used to be a hard core smoker, for 8 years a pack a day. I am now almost five months smoke free and twenty pounds heavier. I made a healthy decision to quit smoking now I need to continue making healthy decisions. Looking forward t...  Read more

Thought I'd post here in an attempt to get some mo
Updated 11/19/2015 11:34:30 AM

Thought I'd post here in an attempt to get some motivation/help buddies to keep me on track. I'm new to spark (7 days old) and new to the USA. I'd love to have a few lifestyle change friends, and maybe even find a real life gym buddy :-)...  Read more

Posted in this group before but no response. Not s
Updated 11/23/2015 5:58:45 PM

Posted in this group before but no response. Not sure how many Sparks there are in Pittsburgh or any just looking for virtual accountability buddies on here? Msg me back!...  Read more

Depressed.....Drink Water

Depression occurs without adequate amounts of water your brain can't produce enough seratonin...  Read more

Processed Foods May Cause Depression

Processed Foods might trigger depression. Yes, your diet can be associated with depression. Not enough omega-3 foods is another cause for increased levels of depression, as well as, junk food and sweets. Eat nuts, spinach or Kale asparagus, avocado...  Read more


The WRITERS' SUPPORT GROUP is here to lend support, accountability and encouragement for your writing projects. Post daily and join the challenges! May ALL of your writing goals & dreams come true!...  Read more

4 Things Nobody Tells You about Your Post-Partum Body

About seven years ago when I was pregnant with my first son, I was on a plane visibly embarrassing my husband as I laughed my head off (loudly). The reason that I was laughing was because I was reading Jenny McCarthy’s Belly Laughs, in whi...  Read more

'Tis the Season to Battle the Holiday Blues

The holiday season is in full swing now!  Festive lights, the sounds of the season and holiday goodies are surrounding us on an almost daily basis.  Just about everywhere you go you are reminded that it’s that time of the year. ...  Read more

Post-natal depression

My little is now approaching seven months old and although I knew something wasn't right I wasn't convinced this was what I had. Anyway, after it all coming to a head last week with my lovely husband down to me threatening to leave him and baby...  Read more