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Remedy Bad Breath Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Remedy Bad Breath.

Bad Mood Busters: 35 Surprising Ways to Boost Your Mood

We all feel down sometimes. Whether your issue is a symptom of chronic depression or just a short-term bad mood, finding ways to lift your spirits is key to feeling better and living healthier. There are a variety of options that can help improve you...  Read more

How to Banish Bad Breath

You’ve tried mints, gum and mouthwash but nothing works. Bad breath is affecting your social life, causing you to shy away from your loved ones and preventing you from speaking up at work. You’ve already spent a small fortune to cover it...  Read more

''I Haven't Missed a Walk in Over a Year!''

After several false starts to lose weight over the years, Rick (LOGHOUSE) tipped the scale at 289 pounds. A weight loss challenge (and exercise buddy) at work motivated him to walk every single day for more than a year. He's now 40 pounds lighter...  Read more

8 Reasons Why Your Workout Isn't Working

We all know how fantastic working out is for your health. But what happens when your workouts aren't delivering the results you want? Or you're not getting the results you think you should be getting? While any kind of physical activity is go...  Read more

How to Tame Wedding Planning Stress

It's a gross understatement to say that planning a wedding is stressful. With all of the coordination, timing and numerous things to prepare for (not to mention family politics!), it's no wonder that nice, normal people turn into grumpy groom...  Read more

Track everything you do, good or bad
Updated 9/1/2015 3:55:06 PM

Track everything you do, good or bad...  Read more

I just had some really bad memories get pulled to
Updated 9/1/2015 8:21:05 AM

I just had some really bad memories get pulled to the front on my brain & I'm trying not to get out of bed & eat my full bag of chocolate I just got. I'm trying to got to sleep but the memories keep popping up. Gettin frusrated & music isn't helpin...  Read more

How bad is salt? I find it hard not to season meat
Updated 9/1/2015 5:51:00 AM

How bad is salt? I find it hard not to season meat and veg for dinners. Last night I made a soup and my husband mentioned it needed more salt (I didn't use a stock). It brings out flavor, but is it stalling weight loss?...  Read more

I had a bad weekend but today is good!
Updated 8/31/2015 9:49:21 PM

I had a bad weekend but today is good!...  Read more

It's actually a bad error message. It should say

It's actually a bad error message. It should say the item wasn't found in our database, not that you aren't connected to the internet. Our tech folks will be fixing that in the next update. Sorry for the confusion! Coach Jen...  Read more


When everyone around you seems to be turned upside down don't forget to breath in the good and out with the bad.342Walking with Christ...  Read more


Learn to breath. When you wake up in the morning, take a big cleansing breath. When you leave the house, stop and take a deep breath. Before you enter work or begin your next chore, stop and take a big cleansing breath.Our body needs oxygen and we do...  Read more


Everyone is more than welcome. Let's make this a group where we all feel comfortable enough to vent what we feel, good or bad....  Read more

9 Home Remedies You Should Never Try

There's no denying the secret curing powers found in certain everyday items. Salt water, for instance, can take the sting out of a sore throat. And an oatmeal bath can ease eczema. So how about soothing a burn with butter? Not so fast. That and o...  Read more

Weekly Links: No Jobs for Smokers, Operation Beautiful and Zicam Warning Issued

It's bad enough that you lose your sense of smell when you get a cold, but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration says that a popular homeopathic remedy might leave without olfactory abilities long after your sniffles stop. And to add more bad news to...  Read more