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Riboflavin B12 Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Riboflavin B12.

What You Need to Know Before Giving Up Meat

If you're considering giving up meat, you probably already know about the potential benefits of a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. According to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, meatless diets have been shown to reduce th...  Read more

A Teen's Guide to Nutrition & Healthy Eating

Are you tired of hearing about diets that limit your food choices or just worried that you might not be eating right? On top of that, your weight and body are changing in a lot of ways that you might not want any part of. SparkTeens cares about you a...  Read more

Fun and Filling Lunches To-Go

It’s Sunday night and, like millions of workers and students across the land, you’re once again rummaging through a cluttered refrigerator looking for something appetizing to pack for tomorrow’s lunch. Or worse, it’s Mond...  Read more

7 Key Nutrients Vegetarians Need to Watch

There are many benefits to being vegetarian and vegan. Regardless of why you chose such a lifestyle, it’s not enough to simply cut the meat, poultry, and seafood from your daily menu. Animal products do offer nutrients that support growth, body...  Read more

9 Superfood Swaps for a Healthier Diet

Deciding to change your diet can be an overwhelming idea. You’ll have to clean out the pantry, remove any and all treats, stock up on rabbit food and mentally prepare to feel hungry all the time. That’s the only way to improve your diet a...  Read more

Has anyone taken B12 shots for weight loss, how of
Updated 4/25/2016 12:19:47 PM

Has anyone taken B12 shots for weight loss, how often did u see your doctor?...  Read more

B12 is Spark RDA or DV?
Updated 4/12/2016 12:15:17 PM

So, I added B12 to my nutrition tracker, but I'm not sure if the 100% is 6 mg (DV). If that is the case, then the minimum B12 would be 40% to meet the RDA. Is that correct? RDAs: 2.4 micrograms daily for ages 14 years and older DV: 6 microgram...  Read more

Doctor said I needed a vitamin D and B12, but sinc
Updated 4/7/2016 6:33:34 PM

Doctor said I needed a vitamin D and B12, but since taking them, I been having headaches every day. Do anyone know why. I have seen an improvement of energy but can't handle headaches...  Read more

B12 injection today whoop whoop. If you never had
Updated 3/17/2016 11:28:14 AM

B12 injection today whoop whoop. If you never had them before you should look into it. I have had them in the past. They are really great if you are trying to lose weight. They improve your energy, mood and aid with weight loss....  Read more

Does anyone know if the B12 shot actually helps wi
Updated 3/7/2016 12:38:39 PM

Does anyone know if the B12 shot actually helps with weightloss? It's being advertised in my doctor's office. Has anyone tried it?...  Read more

nutritional yeast

In lieu of cheese, I often add nutritional yeast to top some dishes off....  Read more

Healthy Choice Cafe Stamers Balsamic Chicken

This is one of my 'Go to' frozen dinners when I'm running close to my limit on calories, fat, etc.This microwave meal is tasty w/ just 270 calories. Other nutrition facts:Tot Fat 4gSat Fat 1.5gPolyunsat 1gMonoUnsat 1.5gChol 30mgNa 540mgPotassiu...  Read more

Milk Really Does Do Your Body Good

Both my husband and I have been milk drinkers our entire lives. Some of our fondest memories growing up include milk. For my husband it was spending summers working on his grandfather's dairy farm. For me it was greeting our milkman Mr. McVay each we...  Read more

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