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Right Posture Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Right Posture.

Exercises to Improve Your Posture

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then posture is a lens to our health. Sit and stand with proper posture and you will physically look 10 years younger—and 10 pounds lighter. Psychologically, good posture conveys confidence, poise and le...  Read more

How to Run with Proper Form and Technique

Running may be challenging, but it is an activity humans were designed to do—and it's something nearly everyone can enjoy if we allow time and patience for our bodies to adapt to the demands of the sport. But that doesn't mean that prop...  Read more

Relax Your Mind and Body with Yoga

Is stress wearing you down? Are your muscles tense and your posture less than perfect? Bringing yoga, a touch of Eastern culture, into your Western lifestyle may be the perfect answer to help you unwind both your body and mind. People of all age...  Read more

Energy Boosts at Work

You see the computer screen, but you really don’t. It’s more like a two-foot blur. Your eyes are between open and closed, although you’re not sure where. At the moment, you have no idea what you’re working on. And it’s o...  Read more

''I Tried Hot Yoga''

I’m not sure when it was that I first heard about hot yoga, but I just assumed that it was one of those passing exercise fads. Only…I kept hearing about it. My friends were raving about it. Then my sister became a convert and told me tha...  Read more

Congrats! You're right, one day at a time. You ca

Congrats! You're right, one day at a time. You can do it!...  Read more

Must be doing something right, lay month during T
Updated 2/20/2015 9:18:55 AM

Must be doing something right, lay month during TOM I lost nothing, this month I lost a pound. :)...  Read more

KAYTE and JILLY got the right of it. This is not a

KAYTE and JILLY got the right of it. This is not a healthy way to lose weight. Your body cannot survive on that miniscule number of calories even without working out. Eat a balanced, healthy diet and exercise reasonably, not excessively....  Read more

So you did good right? Woohoo!

So you did good right? Woohoo!...  Read more

trying to find a new "right" fit exercise.
Updated 2/18/2015 11:05:03 AM

I have been using my treadmill with good results for the last 2 months but I was looking for something to add that I can do when I'm not home. I tried a few different options and thought I was going to kill myself 33 I got 2 of the Jillian Michaels v...  Read more

Use giood posture

Good posture helps how you feel and how you look...  Read more

...Back and Down...

I've always had a problem with "standing up straight". And whenever I did make an effort to do so, I always felt like I was sticking my chest out (how embarrassing!). I finally learned that pushing my shoulders back and down makes my posture better...  Read more

Circle of Friends on A Journey

If you are on a weight loss journey you have come to the right spot! Let's band together and shed those pounds....  Read more

Straighten Up for Better Health

I've blogged in the past about my battle with my posture, because I have been a sloucher since I was a kid. It's something that makes me cringe when I look at pictures of myself and think "Why doesn't anyone ever tell me to stand up straight?" Havi...  Read more

We Tried It: Gaiam's Balance Ball Chair

As you can imagine, SparkPeople employees are into health and fitness. And even though we are deskbound most of the day (like many of you), we try to make the best of it. You may have heard of people sitting on stability balls at their desks, as a wa...  Read more