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Salting Meat To Preserve Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Salting Meat To Preserve.

Simple Ways to Preserve Fruits and Vegetables

Summer is the season for fresh produce—from your garden, the local farmers market, or nearby farms. It can be so tempting to buy in bulk—after all, you've waited all year for the perfect strawberry or tomato—and when you grow yo...  Read more

No More Bland Diet Food!

All of us are striving to cook in a way that's healthy and simple. Unfortunately, healthy and simple can sometimes add up to bland: A plain piece of broiled fish or baked chicken isn’t particularly exciting, right? The remedy for the h...  Read more

Easy Ways to Cut Sodium Intake

You consume sodium every single day, and that's a good thing! Our bodies need sodium to help maintain water and mineral balances and blood volume. But too much of a good thing (sodium in this case) can have negative effects on your health, such a...  Read more

High Blood Pressure? Have a DASH of Spark

For years, battling high blood pressure meant throwing out the salt shaker and throwing on the sweatpants. We now know that there’s more to the picture. Exercise and maintaining a healthy weight have always been powerful tools for managing...  Read more

Shakin' It Up with the Skinny on Salt

Even if you are not a potato chip and pretzel junkie, you’re probably eating more salt than you realize. Sodium, the main ingredient in table salt, can hide in places you don’t suspect, like in ketchup, frozen dinners, instant hot cereals...  Read more

Do you weigh meat before or after its cooked?
Updated 8/24/2016 10:52:59 PM

Do you weigh meat before or after its cooked?...  Read more

I need advice on how to battle my salt addiction..
Updated 8/21/2016 7:54:31 PM

I need advice on how to battle my salt addiction...substitute salt is just so nasty and I don't like the Mrs dash I litterly crave the taste of salt please help...  Read more

I am doing Super! Meat fruit water veggies,positiv
Updated 8/21/2016 3:01:33 PM

I am doing Super! Meat fruit water veggies,positive mind set and tons of focus !...  Read more

I've cut out all red meat. Because of this my prot
Updated 8/19/2016 8:00:03 PM

I've cut out all red meat. Because of this my protein stays extremely low. Is this safe and will it have any effect on me loosing weight?...  Read more

Salt and calories
Updated 8/20/2016 9:43:07 AM

After too long off (and gaining weight of course), I'm paying close attention to my nutrition (and thankfully losing some). Salt. Salt. Salt. Salt. I *love* savory food. I love sauces. I'm exercising a lot (and get the calorie ben...  Read more

Stomach Cancer Defense & Red Meat and the Pancreas

Stomach Cancer DefenseWorldwide, stomach cancer kills more people than any cancers other than lung and liver. U.S. stomach cancer rates have plummeted in the last 85 years, but five-year survival rates are still only around 30%. According to a new...  Read more

low salt soya sauce

There are lower salt soya sauces out there but they need to be REFRIGERATED. Without all that salt to preserve them they will spoil at room temperature. Make sure you check the label!!20...  Read more

Nova Scotians!

Canada's Ocean Playground: Nova Scotia. A SparkPeople destination that has the salt air, waterfalls, festival life and everyday, all in one SparkTeam. Join us!...  Read more

Chef Meg's 4-Pack of Pickled Vegetable Recipes

Pickling is a great way to extend the season and use up extra produce. If heat or pressure canning is a bit intimidating to you, consider refrigerator pickles instead. You can preserve just about any fruit or vegetable in a salt and vinegar brine,...  Read more

Do You Know What's In Your Taco?

While fast food isn't typically the healthiest option, sometimes it is necessary when you are on the go. For this reason, our Food on the Run series attempts to provide you with helpful information to make nutrient wise choices when eating away from...  Read more