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Saturated Fat In Food Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Saturated Fat In Food.

The Truth about Coconut Oil

Conduct a quick Google search, and you’ll find miraculous claims about a tropical fat that has become increasingly popular among health-conscious consumers in recent years: coconut oil.  Health claims about the oil's ability to hel...  Read more

10 Worst Foods of the Year

  Editor's Note: After much deliberation, food writer John "Mr. Bad Food" McGran has come up with the "best" of the worst foods he’s reviewed over the past year. Here there are in his words (in no particul...  Read more

Translating Those Trans Fats

What do bread, crackers, cereal, macaroni & cheese, frozen pizza, donuts, and cookies have in common? Besides being at the top of the list of many people’s favorite foods, they are all possible sources of trans fats. Trans fats are oils tha...  Read more

Fats That Fight Cholesterol

If you're reading this, your doctor has probably told you that your cholesterol levels are too high. Maybe she put you on a medication to help lower cholesterol, or simply told you to consume less cholesterol-containing foods. No matter what you...  Read more

How to Read a Nutrition Facts Label

What do you look for when you’re checking out the nutrition facts on that macaroni and cheese box? Whether you’re one to zoom in on total calories or total carbs, you might be missing the real picture. Nutrition facts should be a part of...  Read more

#techsupport The GROUP food tab has disappeared f
Updated 5/3/2016 3:58:45 PM

#techsupport The GROUP food tab has disappeared from my log page. It will be there for a second then poof!...  Read more

I am such a food addict I feel I need to be monito
Updated 5/3/2016 2:13:04 PM

I am such a food addict I feel I need to be monitored all the time just to not make bad decisions. I seriously feel like an addict....  Read more

Have been thinking of purchasing a fat burner. It
Updated 5/3/2016 1:45:18 PM

Have been thinking of purchasing a fat burner. It's from the ideallean line. Thoughts?...  Read more

Listening to the Cut The Fat podcast show. They sa
Updated 5/3/2016 1:43:43 PM

Listening to the Cut The Fat podcast show. They say defining success in your health journey by the # on the scale is wrong and demoralizing. Your thoughts? #questionoftheday #priorities...  Read more

my problem is i work in fast food and half to go t
Updated 5/3/2016 1:58:30 PM

my problem is i work in fast food and half to go to the mission for food cause we dont have alot in our house right now cause my sister only gets so much in food stamps so i half to go with what she gets...  Read more


A switch to polyunsaturated fats can possibly lead to lower levels of body inflamation and less build up of plaque in the arteries. The foods with the most saturated fat are butter, cream, and cheese. Coconut and palm oils are largely saturated. Too...  Read more

Turkey Stuffing and CHOLESTEROL

The saturated fat and cholesterol in turkey stuffing can be extremely high for two main reasons: It may be made with high cholesterol & or high saturated fat ingredients, animal fats, butter and eggs; The saturated fat & cholesterol in turkey fat is...  Read more


Are you PASSIONATE about chocolate? Do you see it as a food group?! Join other Chocoholics for discussions, recipe-swapping, & help in keeping this important food group alive!...  Read more

Calorie Savers: 4 Ways to Stretch the Beef

Love meat? Read on to learn how to keep the flavor, cut the fat, all while stretching a buck! Love Italian sausage? Instead of serving up 4 giant links of sausage alongside your pasta meal, why not use one link to flavor 3/4 pound of lean ground turk...  Read more

Food on the Run: Papa John's Pizza

Thank you for making the new Food on the Run series a hit!Based on your great comments, this week we take a look at pizza.I'm sure you will find out some surprising facts, just as I did.I start the review of pizza options by looking atPapa John&#...  Read more