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Short Story Of Success Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Short Story Of Success.

Become a Success Story!

You might have noticed some SparkPeople members sharing their amazing weight loss success stories in the news recently: Kristi, Kristin and Rosie appeared in People Magazine and on the “Ellen” show Melissa was interview...  Read more

Inspirational Video: You Can Do It!

Hello Everyone!   I'm excited to share this quick two-minute video our team created with you, and I hope you'll share it, too!  The video features several amazing success stories who have a message for you—...  Read more

13 Weight-Loss Rules You'll Love to Follow

Seeing the words "diet" and "fun" in the same sentence might seem like an oxymoron. When we decide to lose weight, ideas of deprivation, boredom, sacrifice and even misery usually come to mind. But they don't have to. Weight l...  Read more

Drop the Fatitude and Get a Winning Attitude!

If permanent weight loss were as simple as eating less and moving more, you wouldn’t be reading this article—you’d be off somewhere enjoying your fit, trim self without a thought in your head about the difficulties of weight loss. ...  Read more

Write Your Own Contract for Success

You know that keeping yourself accountable is a key to weight loss success. Even with all the information in the world and all the right intentions, you won’t get very far if you let yourself off the hook when it’s time to actually do wha...  Read more

Tried on a pair of my old shorts. 52lbs down yay!!
Updated 6/29/2016 4:49:15 AM

Tried on a pair of my old shorts. I feel so much better without all that extra weight....  Read more

You can do it, beachtime!! Short-term goals are i

You can do it, beachtime!! Short-term goals are indeed effective during a weight-loss journey. Have a great day!...  Read more

Tommorow is my weight in day. My short term goal w
Updated 6/21/2016 5:58:38 PM

Tommorow is my weight in day. My short term goal weight for tommorow is 199 (5pounds). My long term goal is to lose 50 pounds by 12/31/16 #fitness #WeightLoss...  Read more

sticking with it...what's your story?
Updated 6/20/2016 1:30:38 PM

I've been struggling with my attitude in staying consistent. I find it difficult to stick with the exercise plan I've drawn up. Like for example the other morning, my alarm got me up at 6 but it was cold outside, I was still pretty sore my previous w...  Read more

Short on folate. What should I eat? #nutrients
Updated 6/18/2016 9:19:54 PM

Short on folate. What should I eat? #nutrients...  Read more


Read the success stories-on this site and others-and it will motivate you to want to become your own success story!...  Read more


Reading success stories and seeing before and after pictures, knowing that I will do that one day. 9...  Read more

Northern KY & Cincinnati Sparks

Welcome y’all to the NKY & Cincinnati Sparks Team! Staying connected is the best way to success. So plug into our team and get the positive motivation you need! Can’t wait to hear from you!...  Read more

Kindle Version of 'The Spark' Just $1.99 for a Short Time

If you've been waiting to buy a copy of SparkPeople founder Chris Downie's best-selling book, "The Spark," now is the time to do it! As part of a special promotion on Amazon, the Kindle version of "The Spark" is available for just $1.99. The disc...  Read more

Are YOU the Face of Fitness?

Have you reached your goals using SparkPeople? Want to share your story and inspire others?Our friends at Fitness have a super cool contest right now that is the perfect outlet for all those SparkPeople Success Stories out there."The Face of Fit...  Read more