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Shoulder Tendinitis Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Shoulder Tendinitis.

How to Use the Overhead Press Machine

For shoulders and arms, few gym machines are more effective than the Overhead Press. It works the deltoid muscles, or the sides of your shoulders, which are good for lifting boxes from shelves or picking up a small child. If you’ve never used t...  Read more

Seated Stretching Routine

When you spend a lot of time sitting, especially at a desk or computer, it's important to take stretch breaks. A couple of breaks each day will help you stay alert and keep stiffness at bay. This set of stretches is perfect for people who are alr...  Read more

Daily Stretching Routine

Are you always on the run and running out of time to stretch? Try adding a few standing stretches throughout the day. Whether standing in line, waiting for the bus or watching a soccer game, you can squeeze in some quality flexibility training. You c...  Read more

8 Seated Yoga Poses You Can Do from a Chair

Although yoga has been around for thousands of years, it's become increasingly popular recently and has undergone quite the makeover. There are intense, sweaty styles of yoga that make the muscles of even the fittest people tremble; there are gen...  Read more

Basic Stretching Routine

Stretching is good for you, and it feels great, too! That's why we created this short and effective full-body stretching routine that you can follow whether you're a beginner or an advanced exerciser. Remember to warm up first and never stret...  Read more

Shoulders and calves today get motivat
Updated 5/4/2016 2:26:12 PM

Shoulders and calves today get motivated and destroy those workouts. No one is going to do it for you....only you can change you.........  Read more

After 3mths of neck, shoulder and hand issues put
Updated 4/29/2016 12:41:52 PM

After 3mths of neck, shoulder and hand issues putting me on the couch and stuck in bed I'm finally able to get back in this. Of course because of it and weeks of steroids I've gained all I lost plus a extra 15 pounds back. But I'll hopefully be ok...  Read more

Down 2 lbs this week! Cardio shoulders and abs to
Updated 4/29/2016 9:35:17 AM

Down 2 lbs this week! Cardio shoulders and abs today :)...  Read more

I hate my shoulders so much, I feel like I look li
Updated 4/28/2016 8:57:39 AM

I hate my shoulders so much, I feel like I look like a football player. I have an inverted triangle shaped body, and I feel like it's just so gross. Anyone else have that problem too?...  Read more

Injured my shoulder which puts me on rest from lif
Updated 4/15/2016 8:36:36 AM

Injured my shoulder which puts me on rest from lifting for a little bit 😑 ugh so frustrating...  Read more

Purse Safety

Do you ever place your purse in the empty baby carrier of the shopping cart? Take an extra minute to loop and fasten the baby safety strap thru your purse strap. Now you can take your time reading those nutrition labels and give your arms and shoul...  Read more

Reducing stress from neck & shoulder pain

I have found that the warm up neck movements in my Tai Chi class are helpful in eliminating my neck pain. The slow deliberate neck movements help even my stiff arthritic joints....  Read more

Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel: Mormons

We as LDS need to put our shoulder to the wheel to overcome our weaknesses; lets all work together to live in better harmony with the Lord's teachings including the Words of Wisdom...  Read more

Wii Warriors Outnumber Weekend Warriors in the Doctor’s Office

Not long ago, one of Coach Nicole’s blogs generated a pretty interesting discussion about how playing Wii Fit games compared to “real” exercise.Can lurching across your living room carpet, remote in hand, to return a vicious topspin forehand from yo...  Read more

Learn to Be Safe: Teens and Sports Injuries

Before 21-year-old Owen Thomas became captain of the football team at the University of Pennsylvania, he was a star athlete in my suburban community, one hour north of Philadelphia. Since age 9 he had  him. Five months later another ripple went...  Read more

Lower back pain & R shoulder tendinitis

334 Hello sparkpeople!! So, not only do I have a wedding to attend at the end of August, I now get word that my in laws would like to take me, my husband, and our two kids to Myrtle Beach in mid August! I am super psyched, but I need to push mysel...  Read more