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Situp Mat Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Situp Mat.

Do You Have the Right Mat for the Job?

If you've ever stretched or exercised on a hardwood floor, you know just how uncomfortable it can be when sitting, kneeling, or trying yoga and Pilates exercises. For these activities, an exercise mat will offer support and traction, but not all...  Read more

''I Tried Hot Yoga''

I’m not sure when it was that I first heard about hot yoga, but I just assumed that it was one of those passing exercise fads. Only…I kept hearing about it. My friends were raving about it. Then my sister became a convert and told me tha...  Read more

7 Places Germs Hide at Your Gym

You hit the gym to improve your fitness, not to pick up sickness. But with the combination of sweat, humidity, shared equipment and confined spaces, health clubs can be hotbeds for germs. From the common cold to hepatitis A to Novovirus, there c...  Read more

9 Myths & Misconceptions About Pilates

When I tell people that I'm a master Pilates trainer, I get a lot of interesting reactions. People who practice and love Pilates are quick to ask their burning questions or express their envy at my "dream" job. But many people who are l...  Read more

10 Fitness Items to Splurge and Save On

Getting fit can be a pricey endeavor. From having the proper footwear to the right sweat-wicking apparel to the gadgets, gizmos and equipment that promise to help get you to your fittest and healthiest, you can spend a small fortune on working out. B...  Read more

A yoga mat! (and a computer or TV if you don't alr

A yoga mat! (and a computer or TV if you don't already know any at home workouts to do on it)...  Read more

Wonderful post! Keep up the great progress no mat

Wonderful post! Keep up the great progress no mater what!...  Read more

In desperate need of a reboot. Everything that mat
Updated 5/23/2016 2:25:18 PM

In desperate need of a reboot. Everything that matters is going the wrong way and it's making me very unhappy which in turn has me turning to food and the cycle continues. Time to take responsibility for my actions and start logging my food again!...  Read more

Hi only walk on my mat 5 minutes
Updated 5/20/2016 10:56:41 PM

Hi only walk on my mat 5 minutes...  Read more

... you would have put some weight back on? No mat

... you would have put some weight back on? No matter what though, don't quit. It's just a temporary setback and you can get back up there :)...  Read more

Bath Mat as Car Seat Protector

Protect your car seats from muddy paws by covering them with a bath mat or two before packing Lilly the Lab in the backseat. The rubber bottom will help the mat stay in place. Between trips, stow the mat in the trunk.432...  Read more

Try using an acupressure mat

I discovered the acupressure mat. I use it on the soles of my feet, and sometimes other areas of the body. It relaxes and stimulates at the same time. We started a SparkPeople group for those of us trying out the mat, and we welcome you!...  Read more

Balanced Yoga

Balanced Yoga is for those that want to deepen their practice on and off the mat....  Read more

Contest Closed: Win a Manduka Yoga Mat and More!

This week's dailySpark Holiday Giveaway is perfect for the yoga lovers out there--like me! As a gift to myself for completing yoga teacher training, I purchased a new mat. It was just any mat. It was, as my teacher calls it, the Cadillac of mats: a M...  Read more

Win A Vila Acupressure Mat

The winner is: HITEKFRED! You might have tried massage, but have you tried acupressure? Acupressure delivers therapeutic pressure as a way to stimulate discrete points on the body or relieve pain or tension. I recently started seeing acupres...  Read more