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Solid Electrolyte Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Solid Electrolyte.

The Hunt for Hidden Sugar

Ready for a little experiment? Grab that jar of sugar, a measuring spoon, a plate and a can of regular soda. Then, dump one teaspoon of sugar onto the plate. Repeat this nine more times. Do you know what you have, besides a mess? The amount of sugar...  Read more

The Mix 'N Match Workout

People love routine. There’s comfort in doing the same things and knowing exactly what to expect—no surprises, no fear, no thinking required. And sometimes, routine can be a very good thing.   But when it co...  Read more

What to Eat After You Work Out

Everyone knows that athletes must plan and time their meals and snacks very carefully to reach their performance goals. But what about the rest of us? You try to squeeze in 30-60 minutes of exercise most days of the week. Do you have to be careful ab...  Read more

So You Want to Be a Runner?

Running is one of the fastest growing amateur sports among men and women of all ages. Read how to get started on your own quest to becoming a runner. It doesn’t surprise me that more people are running for cardio exercise these days. Accor...  Read more

Be Choosy about Chocolate

A dessert. An antidepressant. A favorite indulgence. Since its discovery thousands of years ago, chocolate has become many things to many people. The Mayan people crushed the seeds of the chocolate (cacao) tree and mixed them with spices to make a fr...  Read more

Electrolyte and water balance
Updated 11/25/2015 7:28:02 AM

28 year old male, 232lb starting weight, 221lb today weight, relatively healthy. Had issues with heart palpitations/weird heartbeats last year around this time when I started dieting and exercising and increasing my water intake. Doctor is...  Read more

Its been an awesome solid month of working out. I
Updated 11/20/2015 12:57:00 AM

Its been an awesome solid month of working out. I have been getting those steps in every day ans watching what I eat. I had to idea I had it in me still. I am mighty strong and determined. Facing each day with a sense of power. Yes! To Wanda!!...  Read more

does anyone know how you get rid of solid muscle,
Updated 11/11/2015 9:05:25 AM

does anyone know how you get rid of solid muscle, i have very solid calves and i would like to reduce them, any ideas...  Read more

returning to solid food
Updated 10/18/2015 12:26:35 PM

I have been on soft foods for over a week and have been losing weight due to illness. I am still on soft foods but I am afraid that when I go back to solid foods the weight will come right back any suggestions?...  Read more

Day 3 : Off to a solid start. I've had less than
Updated 10/14/2015 9:48:08 AM

Day 3 : Off to a solid start. I've had less than 1200 calories in the first 3 days. Feel more energetic & that is a win in itself. Lunch today I'm having a turkey sandwich n apple. The grind is real !...  Read more

Restoring electrolytes during hot weather activities

Since the weather is really hot sometimes water alone is not enough when you're doing activities that make you sweat a lot. I found Powerade Zero which has electrolytes and has zero calories. I drink some of it when hiking in the heat along with wa...  Read more

Coconut Water

Great for rehydrating after invigorating workout in which much sweating has occurred - replenishes electrolytes and all natural - tastes great!...  Read more

Juice Feasters

The health benefits of juicing far exceed those of eating solids only. Treat your body to concentrated living enzymes & nutrition that speed healing and release of fat and toxins. Please Come Join Us!...  Read more

Will Pickle Juice Really Become the Next Sports Drink for Exercisers?

Early last week my colleague and editor Stepfanie Romine, sent me an idea for a blog about using pickle juice as a electrolyte replacement source for exercisers . She actually stumbled across the idea from one of the comments left on...  Read more

7 Good Mid-Run Snacks

Whether you’re training for a 10K, competing in an all-day marathon, or simply running after a long day at work, you're bound to get hungry somewhere along the way. If you're competing, you definitely don't want to stop to eat for...  Read more