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Tendinitis Achilles Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Tendinitis Achilles.

5 Common Running and Walking Injuries

Both running and walking are simple ways to get a great cardiovascular workout with no equipment beyond a sturdy pair of athletic shoes. But these common activities can lead to pain and injury if you're not careful. Here are five of the most comm...  Read more

How to Use the Leg Curl Machine

Proper form is important for any exercise. When using machines, where weight targets specific muscles in specific ways, it’s even more important. This gym staple is a machine that many people use improperly. Avoid injury by making sure you&rsqu...  Read more

The Pros and Cons of Barefoot Running

Although barefoot running has been practiced in some parts of the world for hundreds of years, the concept has only recently gained popularity as an alternative to traditional running shoes in the Western world.  The book "Born to Run,"...  Read more

How to Learn from Pain

Pain presents itself in myriad forms: the immediate, throbbing sensation of stubbing a toe; the nagging, stinging burn of a sore throat; the take-your-breath-away feeling when you move your "bad back" in the wrong way; the heaviness of lift...  Read more

How to Run with Proper Form and Technique

Running may be challenging, but it is an activity humans were designed to do—and it's something nearly everyone can enjoy if we allow time and patience for our bodies to adapt to the demands of the sport. But that doesn't mean that prop...  Read more

Achilles tendon operation- how to exercise
Updated 4/2/2014 11:13:14 AM

Hello all, First time poster here. I have re-ruptured my achilles tendon after 3.5months recovering on the couch and piling on the weight. The first time I wallowed in self-pity and ate poorly. This time I plan on doing whatever I can...  Read more

Torn achilles tendon
Updated 1/14/2014 8:34:26 AM

So I went through a bad time and put some weight back on. I've been Sparking for some time now and I know how to get back on track. I went back to tracking water and everything else and set myself a fitness mini-streak goal. Having started, I knew th...  Read more

Torn achilles tendon, trying to restart
Updated 6/18/2013 1:05:20 PM

I'm a usually fit 69 year old who loves walking tennis and fitness. In Feb. I severed 80% of my achilles tendon and am just starting to get back into shape, albeit with limited ankle resources. I have gained a few pounds and had a little more than...  Read more

Help! Exercise w/ Achilles Rupture
Updated 2/6/2014 5:35:15 PM

I ruptured m Achilles. Surgical intervention. 2 weeks post op. In a boot. I have not gained weight while on bed rest (Phew!) but concerned as I start moving around I will have an increased appetite and with not know! What can I do?...  Read more

Day 3 is my Achilles heel
Updated 5/29/2013 12:57:27 PM

I've had a thousand successful "Day 1's" but Day 3 is really what gets me. It's the day when the voices creep into my head and start talking about how my muscles are a little sore so maybe I should rest them, or that I don't want to get bored with t...  Read more

Costly Mistake

I was eagar to begin to walk/run. But I failed to stretch before beginning. I ended up with severe tendinitis, which caused me to put my walking/running regimen on hold until my tendinitis healed. So a word to the wise properly stretch before exer...  Read more

Avoiding late afternoon treats at work ( From coworkers and clients)

I have been asking myself a few questions. Are the extra calories worth it? Is this something I really want or should I find a healthy snack (which I usually have with me)? Why do you want it? Often the answers to these questions lead me to make h...  Read more

When Things Don't Go as Planned, What Do You Do?

In a little over a 11 days I will be running in my first marathon--Chicago. A race I have been preparing to run since I first laced up my pair of running shoes back in the spring of 2006. For the past 15 weeks I have managed to run through the Texas...  Read more

How Running Surfaces Impact Your Running Form

One of the most enjoyable aspects of running is you can basically do it anywhere in the world, whether on city streets, back country roads or in the comforts of a gym environment. All you need to do is lace up your running shoes and hit the trails. H...  Read more