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Vegetarian Zinc Sources Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Vegetarian Zinc Sources.

7 Key Nutrients Vegetarians Need to Watch

There are many benefits to being vegetarian and vegan. Regardless of why you chose such a lifestyle, it’s not enough to simply cut the meat, poultry, and seafood from your daily menu. Animal products do offer nutrients that support growth, body...  Read more

Alternative Cold Remedies That Really Work

Let’s face it: No one has time for a cold. In addition to making us feel miserable, colds destroy our schedules. Work, family, errands—they all have to wait while we get better. Or even worse, we have to carry on despite our achy muscles,...  Read more

Healthy Ways to Deal with Dry Skin

It’s easy to ignore your skin when it’s doing its job right. For most people, basic washing and a little sunscreen is all they need. But when you have a problem with your skin, it can be all-consuming. Acne can break your self-confidence,...  Read more

What You Need to Know Before Giving Up Meat

If you're considering giving up meat, you probably already know about the potential benefits of a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. According to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, meatless diets have been shown to reduce th...  Read more

Vitamin B-12 May Prevent Birth Defects

Women of childbearing age (especially those who are pregnant or trying to conceive) are advised to eat 400 mg of folic acid (folate) daily to prevent neural tube defects, such as spina bifida, from occurring in their babies. New research, reported in...  Read more

#vegetarian just a suggestion to fellow vegetarian
Updated 6/26/2016 6:24:54 PM

#vegetarian just a suggestion to fellow vegetarians/vegans. Maybe try vitamin tablets to supplement your diet! I've noticed on my nutrition report I'm lacking in a few things as its harder when eating less calories and I can't be the only one :P...  Read more

#vegetarian What's a good side dish for a veggie b
Updated 6/26/2016 1:13:17 AM

#vegetarian What's a good side dish for a veggie burger?...  Read more

#vegetarian hey guys! I'm not meeting my protein goals. Apparently I should be having at least 60 gr
Updated 6/27/2016 10:47:07 PM

#vegetarian hey guys! I'm not meeting my protein goals. Apparently I should be having at least 60 grams a day. Anyone have any food suggestions? I'm allergic to nuts so that's out. Wondering if that's why I have abnormally low amounts of muscle :/...  Read more

This is a great source for me. I've lost 4 pounds
Updated 6/23/2016 9:54:39 PM

This is a great source for me. I've lost 4 pounds in 3 days!...  Read more

#vegetarian I'm a new vegetarian and usually I fin
Updated 6/23/2016 7:43:08 PM

#vegetarian I'm a new vegetarian and usually I find myself eating pb&j and grilled cheese sandwiches instead of actual veggies but for dinner I actually had a veggie burger, peas, and strawberries and bananas!...  Read more

Pumpkin Seeds & Poppy Seeds

Poppy Seeds are a good source of Omega 3's fatty acids. This is a good carb that provides energy, promotes digestion and helps breast cancer patients. Pumpkin Seeds are a natural source of carbohydrate, have amino acids, vitamins C, D, E, and K and m...  Read more

What Kind of Vegetarian Are You?

What Kind of Vegetarian Are You?There are many ways to be vegetarian. Learn about the different types, from vegans to fruitarians.One size doesn't fit all when it comes to vegetarianism. Food and health experts say more and more people are adopting s...  Read more

Calling All Vegetarians & Vegans

If you're a vegetarian, vegan, or just interested in a cruelty-free lifestyle, join us here! Get tips for making the transition, dining out, cooking and more....  Read more

Nutrition 101: Are You Overdoing the Zinc?

Zinc is a lustrous bluish-white metal found in group IIb of the periodic table. It is also one of the most important minerals used by the body. Just 2-3 grams, about the weight of a penny, is found in the body and serves as a key building block for a...  Read more

Kale Health Benefits

There's a reason why kale is all the rage--this powerhouse veggie is packed with nutrients that offer many health benefits, offering even more nutritional value than spinach.   Nutritional Value of Kale Kale weighs in at only 33 calories pe...  Read more