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What Is An Ideal Weight Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for What Is An Ideal Weight.

Help Your Kids Love Their Bodies

Playing, friends, and homework are among the top things a kid thinks about during a day. But increasingly, one's body shape, size and appearance are competing thoughts. According to Kathy Kater, author of the book Real Kids Come in All Sizes (200...  Read more

6 ''Biggest Loser'' Lessons to Unlearn

TV can be educational. After all, I outlined eight great lessons you can take from NBC’s hit television show, "The Biggest Loser" and apply to your own healthy lifestyle program. I said it then and I'll say it again: I am a big fa...  Read more

9 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Diet Plan

In the many years that I have been working with clients who want to lose weight, first as a personal trainer and now as a weight-loss coach, two questions come up over and over again. The first is, ''Will you give me a specific diet to follow...  Read more

5 Reasons to Get Rid of Your Skinny Jeans

Peek into a woman's closet, and tucked amid all the clothes is something that almost every woman keeps. She strives to wear it again someday, no matter how unrealistic or out of style it may be. What is it? Her "skinny" jeans. Whether y...  Read more

6 Things Successful Dieters Have in Common

I'm sure you have heard people say, "Losing weight is easy. Keeping it off is the hard part."   Well, I disagree with this statement. I think losing weight is hard, but keeping it off is even harder!   Permanent weight...  Read more

So I am beginning my healthy journey this morning.
Updated 2/6/2016 1:48:59 PM

So I am beginning my healthy journey this morning. Eating well, drinking water, and exercising. So far I have walked 1 mile, did 11000pm crunches, and carried up 2 flights of steps 40 reams of copy paper weighing 25lbs. (5 reams each time).Yeah!...  Read more

Hello it is mu first time trying to lose weight
Updated 2/6/2016 1:57:00 PM

Hello it is mu first time trying to lose weight an im fineing it to be really hard my weight is 265 and my goal is 165 can anyone give me any advice for work outs or for eating right to put my body in fat burning stage please an thank you....  Read more

Back from vaca, gained weight (knew I would gain s
Updated 2/6/2016 1:36:01 PM

Back from vaca, gained weight (knew I would gain some, I love food/walking tours and refuse to give that up). Am curious to see how much comes off in the next day or two once I flush the salt out of my system. Hopefully a lot!...  Read more

I am being treated for anemia. I still have strong
Updated 2/6/2016 1:34:13 PM

I am being treated for anemia. I still have strong cravings for all purpose flour. I used to eat a 5lb bag in 3 days. I cut back to 8oz cup daily. I am trying to stop. HELP!!!!!...  Read more

1 hour elliptical, 27 mins weight training!
Updated 2/6/2016 1:25:51 PM

1 hour elliptical, 27 mins weight training!...  Read more

Ditch the SCALE

I am very active and building a lot of muscle, therefore I do NOT weigh myself daily. When I did weigh myself, I found that I became discouraged. Why weigh yourself when you are in your within your ideal weight already and extremely active?! I know m...  Read more

Dress for the body you have!

You may have an ideal body in mind, but don't wait until you have lost all the weight to dress for it! Figure out your body shape, your ideal colours and dress to impress NOW!...  Read more

TOPS Friends

Friends from a TOPS weight loss support group. Welcome all TOPS and KOPS!...  Read more

Poll: Would You Trade One Year for the Perfect Body?

Let's face it: Losing weight can be hard work. It requires patience, dedication, and the drive to make permanent healthy changes in your life. It's not always fun to head to the gym instead of watching your favorite show on T.V., or turning d...  Read more

Are You Following Steps to Live a Long Healthy Life?

As I was working yesterday, I heard a news report about a new heart health program by the American Heart Association. With an older brother that has already suffered a mild heart attack as well as a grandmother that died of heart related issues, I...  Read more

Thoughts: "What is my ideal weight" or "What should be my ideal weight"

I received something in my email, one of my newsletters I subscribe too, with this title. It sparked a thought process in me. What is my idea weight? I started to click on it to read and then stopped, swearing that I wouldn't read it or any other art...  Read more

Why Wait Until The Ideal Weight.

I have just got my finger and toe nails gelled a dark pink with a bit of glitter, my eyebrows have been waxed and dyed and tomorrow I am getting my hair cut and highlighted. I am not going to wait until I reach my ideal weight to start making...  Read more