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What Is Blood Glucose Resources

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The Deal with Diabetes

What Is Diabetes? Diabetes is a condition that causes high blood sugar levels. It is a chronic disease that can be managed but not cured. It does not go away. Knowing as much as you can about the disease is the first step to managing it effectively...  Read more

Exercising with Type 2 Diabetes

If your doctor has diagnosed you with Type 2 diabetes, then she has probably already told you about the importance of adding exercise to your treatment plan. Physical activity can help you improve your blood sugar control, lose weight, and reduce you...  Read more

What is Pre-Diabetes?

Before developing the serious health condition of type 2 diabetes, a person will almost always have pre-diabetes beforehand. But pre-diabetes is a condition without symptoms, meaning that many people can have it without even knowing it. Left unchecke...  Read more

Understanding Hypoglycemia

Your body breaks down the food you eat into a type of sugar called glucose. After you eat a meal or snack, that glucose makes its way into the bloodstream, causing the level of sugar in your blood to increase. Your pancreas responds by releasing the...  Read more

Types of Diabetes

Under normal circumstances, the glucose (sugar) levels in your blood rise after you eat a meal or snack. In response, the body produces a hormone called insulin, which is necessary in order for the body to convert glucose in your bloodstream into usa...  Read more

i am getting a "this profile is not accessible" me
Updated 8/1/2015 2:12:21 PM

i am getting a "this profile is not accessible" message when i click one some to add them as a friend... why?...  Read more

Hi. I am looking for advice on how to build more m
Updated 8/1/2015 12:37:06 PM

Hi. I am looking for advice on how to build more muscle. I am in a pretty good shape, have some definition to my body but I want to see more result. I go to fitness classes 4 times a week but I think I need more intense weight training.......  Read more

I am starting my journey so I am looking for frien
Updated 8/1/2015 1:03:24 PM

I am starting my journey so I am looking for friends to help me stay in line and be some added support. Plus it is nice to have people that know what you are going through. I want to lose 120lbs....  Read more

uggh I am getting so discouraged, I have been tryi
Updated 8/1/2015 2:46:46 PM

uggh I am getting so discouraged, I have been trying my best to eat healthy, clean watch my calories fat sodium cholesterol EVERYTHING. On top of trying my hardest ever with eating I have been exercising daily my results in 2 weeks is 2pounds :(...  Read more

I'm just back from vacation. I am down 3 lbs.for a
Updated 8/1/2015 9:44:08 AM

I'm just back from vacation. I am down 3 lbs.for a total of 8 since the beginning of the year, I struggled with those first 5. Granted I had my hip replaced in April which had me slowed down before and after. I was in Turkey. We walked on average 6...  Read more

Record your insulin use

Checking your blood glucose and recording the results can help tell you how well your insulin is working.Your doctor needs to look at your blood glucose results and your record of insulin doses. Ask about when your insulin starts to work, when it wo...  Read more

Diabetic? You should take extra precautions when driving.

Check your blood glucose before you go out and at least every 4 hours after.Take you blood glucose testing supplies with you, along with a fast-acting sugar source in case you go low.While you are driving if you feel that you have low blood glucose,...  Read more

South Beach Diet (Lifestyle!)

For anyone who follows or wants to learn the SB way of eating. Lets be healthy together. SB is recommended by many doctors and dieticians; its good for blood sugar and reducing dietary fat....  Read more

Is Everyone Being Too Hard on Paula Deen?

Paula Deen's recent announcement that she has type 2 diabetes set the media ablaze with speculation and discussion regarding the role of her diet and the potentially deadly disease. Some critics claim that her high-fat, high-calorie, high-sodium...  Read more

You Asked: Will Fasting Jump-Start My Weight-Loss Efforts and Boost My Health?

Fasting has long been touted as a healthy process with many benefits such as cleaning the system, ridding the body of so-called toxins, benefiting the intestinal track, boosting metabolism, and jumpstarting weight loss. However none of these notions...  Read more

More really good news (blood glucose readings(

Finally found my 2 back up blood glucose monitors (MIA for 3 months). After a 500 calorie breakfast reading was 120. Before evening meal it was down to 69. 2 hours after spaghetti dinner with desert it was at 125. I am supposed to ch...  Read more

Carbs and Blood Glucose Testing

Carbs and Blood Glucose Testing Carbohydrates are the body's main source of fuel (energy). Starch and sugar in foods are Carbohydrates that convert to glucose (sugar) in the body. Your brain and Your body's cells need the glucose from carbohydra...  Read more