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What Is Bursitis Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for What Is Bursitis.

Learn to Love Breakfast

As a working mom with three kids at home, mornings are always hectic. Getting everyone up, fed, dressed and out the door takes precision timing and a level of organization that most businesses couldn’t match. And while I insist my children have...  Read more

6 Things Successful Dieters Have in Common

I'm sure you have heard people say, "Losing weight is easy. Keeping it off is the hard part."   Well, I disagree with this statement. I think losing weight is hard, but keeping it off is even harder!   Permanent weight...  Read more

Learn to Love A.M. Exercise

I am not a morning person.   This confession will come as no surprise to my friends and family, most of whom have spent many glorious years making merry over my tendency to nod off over breakfast, my need for copious amounts of c...  Read more

''I'm Beginning a New Journey Now''

Christina (CFOSTER1966) lost 97 pounds and says she started this journey to become healthier and to ward off the complications that come with obesity. She has maintained her weight loss for the past 18 months. Find out how she did it! ...  Read more

4 Signs It's Time to Step Off the Scale

It cannot talk yet it speaks to you. Some days it makes you giddy with delight. Other days it puts you into a deep depression. It judges you on a superficial level. The thought of it is enough to worry even the most optimistic person. What am I talki...  Read more

Good morning!! Very excited I am running a 5k toda
Updated 4/11/2015 9:14:51 AM

Good morning!! Very excited I am running a 5k today....  Read more

I am getting so discouraged I am blasting cardio a
Updated 4/17/2015 6:23:42 PM

I am getting so discouraged I am blasting cardio and circuit training on alternate days, I am watching and tracking calories, lota of veg, lean protein, few healthy carbs. Seeing almost no scale movement and my doctor saying lose weight...ugh...  Read more

I am 180 pounds
Updated 4/11/2015 7:47:09 AM

This was my first thought. I think this way even though I now weigh 300 pounds. I visualize that I am 180 pounds and I am looking back two years ago when I was 300. With the help from my creator God and the blood of Jesus Christ I can do all things e...  Read more

hi everyone I'm new on this site, i am serching fo
Updated 4/10/2015 11:39:55 PM

hi everyone I'm new on this site, i am serching for a good diet to make to loos 50 pouns someone can help?? i am 19 and I am in the university!! :)...  Read more

How old are you ? I am 70 and I just got a new kn

How old are you ? I am 70 and I just got a new knee the 17 of still hurts and gets stiff but I am walking with out cane or walker. I am new on this site but would love to encourage you..mckalea...  Read more

Train for something

In October 2011 I was not able to complete a 5K walk that incorporated walking up 1000 steps (the annual Bisbee 1000, AZ). The next day I set out to lose 65 pounds and increase my strength and endurance so I can go back in 2012 and complete the walk...  Read more


When I am making dinner, or a meal or snack for the kids. I chew sugar free gum.....this keeps me from "picking" at the food....  Read more

3 Things I Am Thankful for Today

Take time each day and list 3 things you are thankful/grateful for....  Read more

Giving Thanks from Your SparkPeople Family

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. ~John Fitzgerald KennedyIn a few short days many of us will gather around the table with family and friends to give thanks for...  Read more

Does Your Weight/Age Define You?

I always thought when I lost all my weight somehow my life would be perfect. I would finally be able to accept myself for who I was. I would no longer find fault with myself. I would be able to go into any store and buy anything I wanted right off...  Read more

2/9/15--Bursitis and Family Support

Today I went to the doctor to see about my pain and injury, and she said it was bursitis in my hip. This makes everything else in the vicinity hurt, so that's why I couldn't tell if it was my back or groin or muscles or what. I will take steroids for...  Read more

Bursitis in My Shoulder

I occasionally get these painful shoulder things going on. I figured out it's bursitis. My first thought was that this flare-up was from painting a couple of weeks ago. But I used my other arm and not the one currently in pain. Plus, this has hap...  Read more