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What Is Nutrilite Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for What Is Nutrilite.

Weight Loss Supplements: Fact or Fiction?

Whether browsing the Internet, surfing through 500 channels, or flipping through your favorite magazine (or tabloid), you’ll find them everywhere: weight loss supplements that offer quick and easy solutions to shedding unwanted pounds. Simply p...  Read more

Learn to Love Breakfast

As a working mom with three kids at home, mornings are always hectic. Getting everyone up, fed, dressed and out the door takes precision timing and a level of organization that most businesses couldn’t match. And while I insist my children have...  Read more

6 Things Successful Dieters Have in Common

I'm sure you have heard people say, "Losing weight is easy. Keeping it off is the hard part."   Well, I disagree with this statement. I think losing weight is hard, but keeping it off is even harder!   Permanent weight...  Read more

Learn to Love A.M. Exercise

I am not a morning person.   This confession will come as no surprise to my friends and family, most of whom have spent many glorious years making merry over my tendency to nod off over breakfast, my need for copious amounts of c...  Read more

''I'm Beginning a New Journey Now''

Christina (CFOSTER1966) lost 97 pounds and says she started this journey to become healthier and to ward off the complications that come with obesity. She has maintained her weight loss for the past 18 months. Find out how she did it! ...  Read more

How am I supposed to handle the stress, on top of
Updated 2/12/2016 10:38:26 PM

How am I supposed to handle the stress, on top of all the stress of losing weight?...  Read more

I am my own worst enemy. I have all the knowledge
Updated 2/12/2016 11:22:14 PM

I am my own worst enemy. I have all the knowledge to be healthy and yet I am struggling in a big way. I cannot stop eating. I am so tired of the struggle. I gave up smoking 2 years ago, recently became a stay at home mom after working 15 years....  Read more

Day 5 I am committed to work out at least 15 minu
Updated 2/12/2016 9:08:24 PM

Day 5 I am committed to work out at least 15 minutes a day. I did it and keep track of my calories....  Read more

Finish the sentence! I am stronger than a(n)____
Updated 2/12/2016 9:34:56 PM

Finish the sentence! I am stronger than a(n)_____________________...  Read more

Hello all I am looking for a buddy !!!! Or buddy's
Updated 2/12/2016 10:17:51 PM

Hello all I am looking for a buddy !!!! Or buddy's the more the better for me looking for guys and girls. I really want to push my self to get to where I need to be so positive people would be awesome. Thanks all...  Read more

Weight Loss

I am a little dissappointed because I am not losing weight and I don't think I am losing inches either.46...  Read more

Figure out what you are hungry for - it might not be food

Hunger isn't necessarily for food!When I am tired, I am hungry for sleep.When I am thirsty, I am hungry for liquids.When I am feeling down, I'm hungry for support.When I am feeling lonely, I'm hungry for people.Don't eat food when you need friends,...  Read more

3 Things I Am Thankful for Today

Take time each day and list 3 things you are thankful/grateful for....  Read more

Giving Thanks from Your SparkPeople Family

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. ~John Fitzgerald KennedyIn a few short days many of us will gather around the table with family and friends to give thanks for...  Read more

Does Your Weight/Age Define You?

I always thought when I lost all my weight somehow my life would be perfect. I would finally be able to accept myself for who I was. I would no longer find fault with myself. I would be able to go into any store and buy anything I wanted right off...  Read more


Hey ever'body!! I was adding a snack food and couldn't believe it was already on here. If anyone us interested in these products or whatever just let me know. Super excited it's on here and you all know how good and yummy they are. But we are not...  Read more

nutrilite and keeping healthy from the inside out

As many of you know, it is extremely important to not only exercise and eat right but make sure your getting all the right nutrition daily. If you ever research the facts and what you should eat daily, you'd be eating yourself out of house and home...  Read more