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Wine Antioxidant Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Wine Antioxidant.

The Truth about Alcohol and Heart Health

The idea that alcohol may be good for your heart has been around for a while. While moderate drinking may offer health benefits, drinking more can cause a host of health problems. So should you turn to alcohol to protect your heart? Here's what y...  Read more

Tips for a Brighter, Whiter Smile

Tea, red wine, and blueberries may be chock full of antioxidants, but these health boosters may also be standing in the way of your pearly white smile. Yellow, dingy teeth are a common complaint. The brightness of your smile is somewhat dependen...  Read more

The Top 20 Antioxidant-Packed Foods

If you’ve ever made a fruit salad, you probably know that squeezing lemon juice onto the apples, pears, and bananas will keep the fruit from turning brown.  This brown color happens because of a process called oxidation—a reaction be...  Read more

Diet-Friendly Alcohol Choices

A key to any successful lifestyle change is moderation. While you may be sticking to a healthier eating plan on most days, certain occasions call for a bit of relaxation, oftentimes in the form of an alcoholic drink. While alcohol is fat-free and low...  Read more

The Benefits of Berries

Isn’t it wonderful when something that tastes so yummy is also good for you? That’s what you get when you enjoy the delicious, sweet flavor of berries. The pigments that give berries their deep red, blue, black and purple hues are powerfu...  Read more

day 2 for me of not drinking wine. The excess calo
Updated 5/21/2015 7:39:28 AM

day 2 for me of not drinking wine. The excess calories were killing all of my good food choices. So I'm going to try and eliminate alcohol for a week and be much more aware of how much I drink. Moderation...  Read more

Cooking with wine
Updated 4/26/2015 9:39:06 AM

How to calculate calories. Some are lost when wine iis cooked. Any thoughts?...  Read more

Skinny Girl Wine as an end of the week treat and h
Updated 4/17/2015 7:30:31 PM

Skinny Girl Wine as an end of the week treat and hot tub here I come!! Hope everyone is enjoying the evening! :)...  Read more

Everyday I want 2 large glasses of wine or cocktai
Updated 3/25/2015 2:05:54 PM

Everyday I want 2 large glasses of wine or cocktails. I feel deprived it I don't get to have my drinks. Please advise....  Read more

I'm not having any right now. I like wine! T

I'm not having any right now. I like wine! The beers people mentioned are low in calories. ...  Read more

Protect Your Heart & Arteries

Too Much fat clogs your arteries. Eat these foods Dark, rich 86% COCOA contains phenols, the same heart-protecting substance found in red wine AND DOES NOT AFFECT CHOLESTEROL. Lycopene, IS A compound that gives tomatoes their color, acts like an a...  Read more

Stain Removal

Strange but true: if red wine is spilled on the carpet, pouring some white wine over it will help to temove it!...  Read more

Wine Lovers

People who enjoy fine wines and work to incorporate them into their healthy lifestyles....  Read more

Does it Really? The Truth about Açaí

We've all seen the ads. Rachael Ray lost weight with açaí berries! Lose 20 pounds in 2 days with açaí! Açaí flush is the secret to weight loss. Is it true? Does açaí, a berry native to Central a...  Read more

9 Ways to Eat the Mediterranean Way

Maybe it's the olive oil, maybe it's the varied and healthful foods in their diet, or maybe it's the spectacular views of the ocean, but the Mediterranean region is known for good health and longevity. Harvard Women's Health Watch shared these ideas...  Read more