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Workout Plan For Soccer Players Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Workout Plan For Soccer Players.

The Soccer Mom Fitness Trap

Always on the run, but no time to jog? Or bike, hike, swim, or otherwise participate in activities that would mean better health, more energy, and even fun? If this sounds like your life, maybe it’s time-- in the rosy glow of the jus...  Read more

Active Kids Do Better in School

A recent study conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) investigated the link between physical activity in children and academic performance in school. Initially, researchers predicted that kids who took physical education (PE) dur...  Read more

Strength Training Guidelines for Children & Teens

More and more kids are gravitating toward weight training. In most cases, strength training is safe and encouraged for kids. However, when done incorrectly, whether too intensely or too early in life, it can lead to permanent damage. Fitness trainer...  Read more

Expert Solutions: Overweight Kids

Of course we know that obesity has reached epidemic proportions in this country- and now it's been spilling over to our kids. Obesity among children is skyrocketing, and getting a lot of attention these days, but I think people are still not...  Read more

Weight Loss can be a Team Effort

So there I was, cruising along on the exercise bike (as I often am) and thinking (as I often do). I was thinking about the positive, sometimes amazing changes I’ve made in my life thanks to fitness. I was just about to congratulate myself...  Read more

Day two and plan on going strong and looking good
Updated 2/9/2016 1:11:54 PM

Day two and plan on going strong and looking good for my wedding in june. Wish me luck everyone...  Read more

A funeral & the Superbowl I wasn't planning on eat
Updated 2/9/2016 12:44:11 PM

A funeral & the Superbowl I wasn't planning on eating at has interrupted my diet and short term goals. I still have motivation to get back on track so that's a good thing. That junk food hurt my stomach! I hope it continues to do so to keep me away!...  Read more

What's a good snack after a workout ?
Updated 2/9/2016 12:07:07 PM

What's a good snack after a workout ?...  Read more

Are there any workout challenges??
Updated 2/9/2016 12:43:30 PM

Are there any workout challenges??...  Read more

It's my birthday and I plan to stay on track when
Updated 2/9/2016 10:58:56 AM

It's my birthday and I plan to stay on track when I go out to dinner tonight so I will have a light lunch so I can have most of my calories for dinner and maybe cake...  Read more

Schedule your Workouts

Schedule your workout times and place reminders on your cell phone calendar. It is very encouraging to workout "as an appointment" just like everything else on your personal calendar....  Read more

"Reading" while you walk

I check out books on CD at my local library and listen on an inexpensive portable CD player while I walk . Losing yourself in a book means losing track of time and I easily double or triple what I had planned!334...  Read more

Dance Dance Revolution

For those of us that love the game and realize that it's a great workout as well =)...  Read more

Hotel-Friendly Exercise Ideas for Travelers

Starting to think about your summer vacation plans? Let's talk about how you might be able to keep your workouts from falling by the wayside.As a profesional and Olympic soccer player, you'd think that I work out all the time but the fact is,...  Read more

Learn to Be Safe: Teens and Sports Injuries

Before 21-year-old Owen Thomas became captain of the football team at the University of Pennsylvania, he was a star athlete in my suburban community, one hour north of Philadelphia. Since age 9 he had  him. Five months later another ripple went...  Read more