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GOOSIEMOON SparkPoints: (204,675)
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2/2/11 6:12 P

Yes. I was pleasantly surprised too!

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GERMANIRISHGIRL SparkPoints: (160,367)
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2/2/11 5:29 A

I saw that too. Thought it was a mistake.

OH EDT zone

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PATRICEMB SparkPoints: (6,836)
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2/1/11 8:41 P

I only noticed the 10 points after reading this message board. Thanks for the information.

JULIENMM Posts: 3,015
2/1/11 6:16 P

I eat the same breakfast every day and enter it as a grouping and I only get 1 point even though there are 4 foods in the group. So I like this change. It's making me more motivated to enter the diet cokes I drink.

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CHARMIAN2 Posts: 997
2/1/11 4:47 A

thats exciting

LINDAE12 Posts: 484
1/31/11 9:02 P

It's great news!

NENATO2 SparkPoints: (183,631)
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1/31/11 3:23 P

I gotta go check it out.

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FOREVER1109 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/31/11 8:45 A

iv only just noticed

JUDITH316 SparkPoints: (235,515)
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1/31/11 12:55 A

nice surprise, I've tracked my food since becoming a member, it was always 5 points if you tracked for all of your foods intake, now we get rewarded with 10 points... emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JADESGA1 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/30/11 6:59 A

I haven't figured out how to do this yet.

SLIMTHICK2 SparkPoints: (87,588)
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Posts: 7,228
1/30/11 6:30 A

Only last night I noticed. It's great.

MARLINDA5 Posts: 8,147
1/30/11 1:50 A

I noticed the other day and thought there was a mistake - but it's not - glad that we can get the extra 5 points.

2BFREE2LIVE SparkPoints: (357,237)
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1/30/11 12:17 A


"You're never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream..." C.S. Lewis

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CHRISAHAHN SparkPoints: (14,099)
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1/29/11 11:54 P

Awesome, isn't it?

ASHLEE624 SparkPoints: (33,847)
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Posts: 1,534
1/29/11 8:42 P

You automatically get points for the first 10 items you track.
Good luck

MAGGIE1171 SparkPoints: (5,656)
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Posts: 118
1/29/11 8:16 P

Hi, I track my food everyday and didn't notice it counted towards points. Is it automatic once you enter your full day or do I have to do something special to "process" the points???

Thank you!

PATTIMET Posts: 649
1/29/11 6:54 P


1DRWOMAN SparkPoints: (66,469)
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1/29/11 6:21 P

It's new! I aim for at least 100 points a day so it was a VERY welcome change!!! :)

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CATSDONTPRAY SparkPoints: (14,225)
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1/28/11 8:50 P

I just noticed that too!

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CRADLEY16 Posts: 973
1/28/11 8:27 P


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4ME4MYKIDS SparkPoints: (0)
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1/28/11 8:12 P

I had to do a double take. I was just looking at my Spark Points page for today and noticed the change.
Thanks SparkPeople!

CAPTHAMMER Posts: 4,174
1/28/11 5:56 P

Excellent! This should help the members that have maxed out the ability to receive points for the polls and other opportunities that have limits.

Thank you, SparkPeople. Again.

Tomi from Vancouver USA (WA)
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JUDITH316 SparkPoints: (235,515)
Fitness Minutes: (98,874)
Posts: 109,344
1/28/11 5:48 P

awesome isn't caught me by surprise this morning emoticon emoticon

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Team Co-Leader I Can Do All Things Through Christ
CASSIOEPIA Posts: 18,103
1/28/11 5:28 P

Yes this is brand new! Enjoy....

Saskatchewan, Canada
ASHLEE624 SparkPoints: (33,847)
Fitness Minutes: (39,639)
Posts: 1,534
1/28/11 5:21 P

I just noticed that I got 10 points for tracking food today, instead of the usual 5. Is this a new thing, or have I just not been paying attention?

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