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focus on healthy choices and not losing weight. maybe limit things like soda, juice, fast food. my son is 5ft 4 and barely 100 pounds. i limit those things for health reasons, not his weight. encourage him to be active-maybe an organized sport. maybe limit video game time.

a lot of parents i know are in denial about their children's weight. with the amount of overweight and obese adults in the U.S. as well as children, i think overweight is becoming the new normal. i think it is great that you want him healthy.

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I read a book that for kids to just make sure that they maintain their weight and they will grow into it. He will get taller and thin out, if you can just keep him at where he is at.
Just make sure that his portion sizes are more in check, and more fruits and veggies and that he is getting enough exercise and he will be fine.
Don't focus on the scale with him, or it could turn into an eating disorder later on.
YOu could try like the kids on biggest loser are doing. THere is a "fitness test" on sit ups, pull ups, and a couple running ones. And then have them work on gettting faster or be able to do more than they did 3-4 weeks ago. find things that he enjoys to keep him moving. Move more sit less.


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I agree I think most importantly is what a child is eating. Are they filling up on pizza, chips, cookies, junk food types or eating fresh fruits veggies dairy meats etc. Also I personally don't have confidence with what dr's are saying these days either. They think my kids are underweight. My kids eat no junk, exercise and are naturally lean by those choices. I think too, the dr's are used to seeing bigger kids these days so when they come in at a proper weight they look underweight. I know, that is my opinion, but I monitor what my kids are eating and activity vs a drs opinion that they need to eat more. A doctor would be the first to say they have very little training in nutrition, so keep that in mind and a chart is only a chart of growth. It doesn't tell the whole story.



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2/27/13 12:07 P

I have 4 kids and am a teacher in elementary school. I have noticed around 8-12 boys have a tendency to go through "overweight" and "skinny" phases. I think far more important and healthy than counting calories is to make sure your grandson is eating healthy foods and getting daily exercise, not sitting around playing video games and watching TV. 4-5 servings of fruit and veggies (not smothered in sauce, cheese, dip, etc). Some kids fight this raw, naked veggie thing, but they do get used to it in time. It's also possible to puree those veggies and add to homemade bread (think banana bread with pureed carrots) and they eat them, especially if they don't know. :) I don't care for those standard weight charts. I have 4 kids. My 15 year old daughter is 5'6" and 125 lbs and one BMI chart says she's overweight. REALLY??? I can see every rib, she has a rock hard stomach and muscles that show when she moves her arms/legs or whatever. She's a cheerleader, and a base, so she holds other girls up. Overweight she is NOT! They also say my 6'2" 18yo powerlifter son with muscles you can see when he DOESN"T flex is obese. He's a little overweight at 248, but for him to weigh the 175 he's "supposed" to weigh, he would lose all of his muscle. My 12 yo son at 5'4" is also "overweight" according to the charts, and while he is a little pudgy, he is also very strong and more active than most of his classmates. He was a string bean until about 3 yrs ago, when he started the quick growth spurt series (6 inches in 4 months, then nothing for 5 months then another 4 inches, etc). I fully believe he will even out in the next couple of years. The charts do not take into account the body frame size and muscle mass of the individual. I'm 50 lbs overweight according to the charts, but the charts say I need to weigh no more than 135 at 5'4". I weighed that when I wore a size 3 because I have a LOT of hard muscle mass. Most of the people I talk to are floored when I tell them I weigh 185, because I do not look that heavy. Even my doctor's nurse rechecked my weight, because she thought it read wrong.

So, the gist of my long note and stories is that it is far more important at age 10 to be active and eat healthy foods instead of junk than to be concerned about the 5 lbs. When he has his next growth spurt (soon most likely) the 5 lbs will redistribute and he'll be within "normal" range again.

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5 lbs. ????? At that age they can carry and actually need a few extra lbs. What you need to do though is just make sure he is being active and eating good foods. If he is doing that and only a few lbs(5-15 depending on height and body build) over or under, then don't worry about it, these things will change as he gets older.

Just focus on educating him into eating the right foods, the right amounts and moving. If you succeed here, you will be light years ahead of most folks.

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Well, before you do too much I would suggest talking to his pedi. He may seem overweight to you but be growing according to his own timetable just fine.
I say that only because my son seems to be way too thin (by my standards) but according to his charts at the doctors office he's right on target for his growth pattern. So I can understand how there may be some difference in perception of healthy when it comes to our kids.
Other than that the USDA has a section devoted to kids healthy eating that you can check out.

That's the main link. :) You can explore from there.

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My grandson is 10 and growing like a weed. He also needs to loose 5 lbs. How do you know what calorie count to use for a growing boy? Having said that, he's already lost 2 lbs and his belly has gotten smaller and leaner. I've had him limit Pizza, etc. It seems to be helping. I am just curious if there is a way to figure what kind of diet plan to use and calorie requirement. Incidentally, the pediatrician is clueless about this. Lol. I need a dietitian/nutritionist but cannot afford one.


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