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6/5/12 8:25 A

I'll try it

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6/1/12 6:53 P

I hear that too, I am really dedicated to this, but I do feel like it will just stop one day. I am now up to 15 pounds lost. I dont know how much water weight I have to lose since that's all I ever drank before my weight loss journey started. I now that 1-2 pounds is still good enough for me if that does start to happen. Thanks for responding, I am pretty happy right now =)

5/31/12 1:18 A

Wow, 12 pounds in 10 days is fast! I know many have their biggest loss in the first week or two, due to water loss, but that is ALOT of weight! I am not sure how much you have to lose, but do not be discouraged when it slows down! It Is best when it is 1-2 pounds per week, and easier to keep it off. Please try to remember this is a lifestyle change, not a diet. The way you are eating is for life. As a result of the changes you will lose weight and be able to keep it off. Diets end, a lifestyle is for life.
Best of luck on your journey!
Mary emoticon

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5/30/12 10:44 P

My doctor put me on a 1200-1300 calorie diet. I started it 10 days ago and I have lost 12 pounds =)

25OPTIMIZE Posts: 18,109
8/13/11 2:07 P

Open you Nutrition Tracker page.

Under the date are a few button options (left of the water glass).

Click the one called Tracker Options.

Click on Show Meal Plans.

This will give you what your menu could look like for the calorie range you are in. Click through the days to see what a whole week would look like for you. At the bottom of the page is a grocery list based on the meals in the week ahead, so you can get your groceries ahead of time.

It's a great planning tool.

60SIXTY Posts: 25,073
8/13/11 6:54 A

1200 calories is the minimum for most people. You could put yourself into starvation mode by eating1200 or fewer calories.

PHATGURL63 Posts: 59
8/10/11 11:35 A

does anyone have menus for this

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