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12/2/06 4:14 P

I would like to welcome all the new people in the challange. I did 45 mins of brisk walking this morning and i feel great. I feel so much better on the days i exercise before doing anything else. Congrats to all you who are making the effort to get up and get yourself going in the morning. emoticon

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MAMA2TONY Posts: 796
12/2/06 10:46 A

I did it!!!! I got up and got on the elliptical as soon as I woke up this morning. Granted it's
Saturday, so I slept until 8:45am so I didn't get into the gym until 9:00am. I had to wake up a bit. But I feel great. I even did 17 minutes instead of 15. I was so proud of myself, I just had to go that extra mile. Let's see how tomorrow goes!

SLYSILI Posts: 1,204
12/2/06 4:23 A

HEARTS4U: emoticon u dont even need to ask.let me be the first to welcome u on board.its very interesting i tell also not an A.M. a student and that makes it even for the last 2wks i have been waking up by 5a.m. in the morning and doing sthng small though this week i have had a problem with my leg so have been kocked its becoming routine.i just find myself getting up and am using it as an opportunity to study too in the morn.i also feel more energetic during the day.u try it out u wont regret will be hard for the 1st week but u will turn out ok.its all about motivation u know.
nway lemmi cut myself short and say welcome once more emoticon

HEARTS4U2 Posts: 2,642
12/2/06 2:03 A

Can you all fit one more person in for this challenge? I'm am the worst Mon-Fri and always running late to work etc..... I feel so much better when I get up earlier.


SLYSILI Posts: 1,204
12/1/06 6:59 P

hi everyone.
i can see ur all doing well.this week hasnt been good.i got a problem with my right leg so had to rest for a while.i had problems onmonday bt i think i made everything worse by going to the gym that evening.when i woke up the following movt and i had to be least now i can move hope nxt week i will join u again.
many hugs and keep up the good work,

BABBLES1232000 Posts: 994
12/1/06 5:59 P

whew, i barely got it in this morning, i had to leave for work by 430 am to get to work in time, but i did a fifteen minute walk....then i did my physical therapy tonite...

LOSE22 Posts: 846
12/1/06 2:14 P

I need to join this challenge because I've been trying for awhile to make myself get up and exercise in the morning and have only succeded a few times. The few times I have done it I definately feel better and more energized for the rest of the day. Just shooting for 15 minutes should help this become a habit for me, because I can do that time walking my dog in the morning. So I'll start my first day tomorrow on Saturday December 2nd! emoticon

MAMA2TONY Posts: 796
12/1/06 1:47 P

Hi all. I am new and would like to get in on this little challenge. I have the hardest time getting up in the morning, so I will definitely have to push myself out of bed. I will try though because it will help me with another challenge I am doing. Thanks for the challenge.

PACKHAM Posts: 599
12/1/06 12:26 P


I am a newbie to this group and recently started my morning exercise, 4:30AM. I do my aerobic exercise in the gym, runing on the treadmill for 40min, 5M.
My goal is to run longer with the same speed with endurance and enthusiasm to qualify for the Boston marathon by next December in the Internationl marathon in Sacramento.


~GOT2MOVE2LOSE~ Posts: 1,391
12/1/06 11:26 A

BABBLES1232000 welcome to the challenge! Great start too!!
I did 15 min on my elliptical this morning.

BABBLES1232000 Posts: 994
11/30/06 8:04 P

i am new to this board, but would appreciate if you let me join in...i did forty five minutes of circuit training today....

11/30/06 6:35 P

I did strength training this morning and 30 mins of brisk walking.

~GOT2MOVE2LOSE~ Posts: 1,391
11/28/06 7:49 P

15 min on elliptical. I have also stayed within my calorie range!

~GOT2MOVE2LOSE~ Posts: 1,391
11/27/06 11:25 P

Keep up the good work SLYSILI! My goal is to be able to post an exercise done in the morning! Need to get back on track. My hubby just returned from Iraq, and will be going back to work tomorrow.

SLYSILI Posts: 1,204
11/25/06 4:11 A

just checking morning exercise went well wat abt the rest of u????
nice day to all.

SLYSILI Posts: 1,204
11/24/06 6:47 P

my muscles are now waking up.they have slept for so long i think am gonna be ok i overslept abit but i still managed to do my exercise.i even addedin a few strength exercises to gives me boost.for these past 2 days am more energetic in the morning.lets pray the tempo will not go down.
nice eve all. emoticon

SLYSILI Posts: 1,204
11/23/06 2:33 A

Happy thanksgiving to all.let us try to keep within our ranges both nutrition and fitness wise.we know we can do it so let us listen to those inner voices of ours emoticon

SLYSILI Posts: 1,204
11/23/06 2:31 A

i did 10 floors of stairs and wasnt i sweating like a cow!!i was so out of breath.after that i did some lateral leg abductions.out of breath but feeling proud of off to school.bye for today.

SLYSILI Posts: 1,204
11/22/06 4:46 P

hi everyone
am on my way to bed.goodnite all hope to see u tomorrow morning when i will be filling in what i did.

11/22/06 2:24 P

I did 16 minutes on my lateral thigh strider this morning. I plan on doing another 15 mins this afternoon.

~GOT2MOVE2LOSE~ Posts: 1,391
11/22/06 10:05 A

For the first time in a couple of weeks, I got in some exercise! And my day is just beginning! 15 min on the elliptical!

SLYSILI Posts: 1,204
11/22/06 8:19 A

hey dont say it here and so the challenge continues.i will start tomorrow morning coz where i am its now 1400hrs.well b4 i slept at around 0100hrs i did some exercise for 15-20mins.i dont thinkit counts but its worth it dont u think?
well tomorrow i will be putting something valuable here.
hope we get to know each other better.
nice day,
sly. emoticon

~GOT2MOVE2LOSE~ Posts: 1,391
11/21/06 10:39 P

I have been MIA!
My goal is to get back to my exercising, starting tomorrow morning! Sure hope I do!

11/20/06 4:01 P

I've just joined Sparkpeople and would like to join the 15 min morning exercise challange.

I did 30 mins/2miles of brisk walking this morning.

DANDREWS21503 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/20/06 3:43 P

looks like this thread died. I'm the only one posting here now. oh well went for a walk this morning.

DANDREWS21503 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/17/06 10:26 A

well I didn't get any exersize in this morning because all the kids are home, I'm having them do math, reading and social studies worksheets right now, in a bit we will take a break and go for a walk and then mabey do a little aerobics in the yard.

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11/16/06 9:15 A

yesterday I went for a 20 min. walk around 7:40 and then I came back and did my strength exersizes.

Today I went for a 20 min. walk (1.5 miles)

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11/15/06 7:47 A

I haven't done any exersize yet but its only 6:45 here so I still have time, I got the kids up and to the school bus, now I'm going to grab something light to eat and do some aerobics.

11/14/06 1:09 P

I didn't have to go in to work untill noon today. I went ahead and hit the gym (the first time in over a month) and did 25 on the treadmill, ran a mile of it and did some arm weights. I feel so much better! But I am much hungrier throughout the day. Any suggestions? emoticon

DANDREWS21503 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/14/06 9:30 A

dancing can count as exersize look it up on the cardio counter :)

I did the denise austin daily work out. Not the one for today though, I record them each morning while I'm getting the kids ready for school and taking them to the bus and then when I come back I look at it, if I like it I do it, if I don't like it I erase it and do one of the other ones that I have recorded.
Some of the stuff she does even though its supposed to be low impact hurts my knees and one of my ankles, I have some bad joints on me. So I look for the ones that are very energetic without as much jumping around, some bouncing is ok but actual jumping hurts me. Oh it was 5 min. warmup, 20 min. aerobics and 5 min. toning exersizes.

11/14/06 4:56 A

well i didn't really get my "exercising" in today. so i just played some dance music and had a lil dance party for about 20 minutes. emoticon

DANDREWS21503 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/13/06 1:09 P

I'll try to join in, I didn't do any exersize this morning but I will try tomarrow.

CALLALIS Posts: 730
11/13/06 12:21 P

It looks like everyone is doing great!

I walked to the metro on Saturday morning and then did a lot of walking around DC...

Sunday I went to the gym in the morning.

This morning I overslept - I was supposed to get a full hour workout in before work. Instead, I did a quick fix 10 minute cardio workout...

Tomorrow I have to be at work at 6, instead of 9, so I won't be working out in the morning or at lunch because I won't be in my office...

I'll be back on track Wednesday!

11/13/06 11:08 A

Yoga definitely counts. I got some kickboxing in yesterday - an hour class. This morning I jumped rope for 5 minutes, followed by some good strengthening exercises.

11/13/06 10:14 A

Ok so I got up and did half of a yoga DVD this morning and the first message board I find today is this one! I am trying to lose the weight I have slowly gained over my last year in college and this past summer. I just started a new job and only work 2 days a week (for now). So on the days I have to be at work early I am going to try to do 15 min and days I work late I'll try to do more since there is no chance of me hitting the gym at 9 pm. emoticon Yoga Counts right?


TJSMILES SparkPoints: (0)
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11/13/06 9:12 A

I have gotten my 15 minutes in every morning so far!! This is really helping me.


~GOT2MOVE2LOSE~ Posts: 1,391
11/13/06 12:25 A

Got up at the last minute this morning to get ready for Church!
Tomorrow will be a new day! One that starts out with some good ol exercise to get my blood pumping!

11/11/06 7:36 P

I'd love to join the group. This could be the motivation I need. I tried joining a bigger group but it didn't work, because I felt no accountability with so many people. My long term goal is to lose 15 lbs. I'm getting married in August of next year. I think I can do 15 minutes of exercise each morning. Saturday mornings will be my off morning though - sorry, gotta have one day. emoticon

~GOT2MOVE2LOSE~ Posts: 1,391
11/11/06 6:01 P

Well I am definately feeling better today, but I went to bed soooo late this morning and got up just in time to go. So no exercise again this morning, but will get some in tonight!

~GOT2MOVE2LOSE~ Posts: 1,391
11/11/06 12:30 A

okay, maybe Tomorrow will be better!

CALLALIS Posts: 730
11/10/06 9:35 P

I hope your husband will be home, soon! And next week will be better, but we're all allowed a down week once in a while.

I had off work today, but went to the gym first thing this morning.

Have a great weekend everyone!

TJSMILES SparkPoints: (0)
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11/10/06 4:17 A

Well I got my 15 minutes in this morning since I couldn't sleep I did it at 2:50 am.

I am sorry you are having a bad week. I am sure you will feel much better when he gets home and you can hug him in person.

~GOT2MOVE2LOSE~ Posts: 1,391
11/9/06 11:00 P

Welcome TJsmiles!
Callalis-you did more than I did!

I'm having a down week! I think it's because I am waiting for my husband to return from Iraq, and he hasn't called since Mon! So today I ate and didn't care and haven't done any exercise since my 15 min yesterday morning! YIKES
One would think my husbands return would help to push mo onward. Don't know, I just hope tomorrow is better!

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TJSMILES SparkPoints: (0)
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11/9/06 4:22 P

I just started today on this program and really need excercise motivation. I love the 15 minute morning idea I would love to join you. I will start in the morning!!

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CALLALIS Posts: 730
11/9/06 4:10 P


So it's a long story, but I couldn't work out this morning. But, I did go to the gym at lunch.

So, if you don't mind, I'm going to tweak my goal a bit -- my goal is to work out in the morning or at lunch every weekday.

My big workouts are at night, but I like the extra energy I get before work or at lunch.

~GOT2MOVE2LOSE~ Posts: 1,391
11/8/06 11:11 P

So glad you have joined me!
I hope to do more tomorrow morning!

CALLALIS Posts: 730
11/8/06 9:12 P

I'll join you!

This morning I walked to work, which took 15 minutes.

~GOT2MOVE2LOSE~ Posts: 1,391
11/8/06 4:39 P


~GOT2MOVE2LOSE~ Posts: 1,391
11/8/06 1:05 P

15 min on elliptical

~GOT2MOVE2LOSE~ Posts: 1,391
11/7/06 5:22 P

I want to start doing some exercise first thing in the morning. I usually put it off until late in the evening.
I believe working out in the morning would be a great boost, so I'm offering this challenge to others that would like to get going early, to help them keep going through out the day!
I didn't do any exercise this morning, so emoticon of the challenge will start tomorrow! Hope you will join me!

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