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7/15/13 6:46 P


you are doing great!!!!

Kathy from southern West Virginia

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7/15/13 5:43 P


100% of the shots you don't take don't go in.

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7/15/13 4:02 P

Wow, that's amazing!! But HOW did you do it?

TDENNIS2 Posts: 7
7/15/13 1:50 P

Great job!!! emoticon

7/14/13 11:05 P

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CONGRATS! You deserve a nonfood treat! How about a new blouse or haircut?
Keep up the awesome work!

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7/14/13 7:19 P

That is fantastic!!!! emoticon emoticon

7/14/13 3:42 P

40 pounds is a huge goal to meet. Let yourself enjoy your success. If you don't it will seem like no matter what you lose it's not enough. Be PROUD!!! Keep up the awesome work!

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7/14/13 6:59 A

Well done!

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7/13/13 11:59 P


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7/13/13 10:46 P

Way to go!

7/13/13 9:15 P

Yes you deserve a big emoticon . Just remember how much better you feel and work on your goal to getting healthier.

The rabbit lost the race, but the turtle won because he was slow and kept moving.
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7/13/13 5:10 P

I should be celebrating this. I am instead telling my self I still have 60 pounds to go so alot of work yet!

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