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7/19/12 1:00 P

I got really good results when I started incorporating planks and side planks into my strength training. Those, more than crunches, helped me improve my core strength and to get visible results. They're also a good exercise because you can keep making them harder, not just by increasing the length of time but by challenging your stability -- elevating your feet on a bench, in TRX straps, putting your hands in the TRX straps, etc.

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7/19/12 12:42 P

Hi Magtastic, thanks for the reply. Cardio (i.e. gym classes, tennis and squash) is already a large part of my workout, and I wouldn't be doing this instead, but in combination with my normal workout. I also lift weights and run a couple of times a week. I realise I can't target one area of my body, but I am hoping that with having lost a lot of the fat through exercise and diet, I can now make areas look more toned so that's what I'm after really.
I'll have a look at some videos, thanks.

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7/17/12 12:06 P

Bicycle crunches are good for the obliques. Maybe try a fitness DVD from the library to get a routine for the abs, or better yet, a full body workout. Don't forget to keep up with cardio along with strength training or you won't see the results you're looking for. You can't pick one area to lose weight from so you need to keep losing fat from all over your body while building muscle strength.

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7/17/12 11:55 A

Hi all,
I have a question about the The '5 minutes a day to a summer body' article here

It said at the bottom of the article that you shouldn't ask questions there but use the message boards instead...

The article has pictures showing someone doing specific exercises on a fit ball. Can anyone give me tips on how to work the obliques and tummy muscles if you do not have a fit ball? Surely there must be other ways of doing the same exercises, i.e. would it work the same way if I did it on the floor?

Also, how often or how long would you have to do these exercises to see the results?

I am really looking to tone up my midriff now that (most of) the fat has disappeared and I can actually show it off!

Thanks in advance...

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