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6/20/12 6:27 P

Hi STELLARGABE2. emoticon to SP & to the Message Boards. We are so happy you have decided to join us.

For some the website can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning. I recommend you go to the Start Page, click on 'How To Use This Site' at the far right top menu bar, choose from 'Getting Started Guide' or 'Site Tour Videos' or 'FAQs'. These will familiarize you with different areas of Spark and help you to get started. You might even want to consider watching one tutorial daily and practicing the tips until you are comfortable enough to go on to the next.

Don't be shy. Post often so we can get to know you. Friendly help, motivation, clarification, and fun are just a click away. Be sure to set up your SparkPage, if you haven't already done so as soon as possible. It gives people a place to drop an encouraging message and support you on your journey.

Joining SparkTeams & being active in the challenges has helped me to move forward in my weight loss journey more than anything. I've made friends, received support, kept my focus and been encouraged all along the way. I'm 62 y/o and if I can do this...You Can Do It too.

I hope you will love SparkPeople as much as I do! Wishing you every success on your journey to reaching your personal goals and a healthy lifestyle. I invite you to visit my SparkPage and get started sparking by leaving me a short comment at the bottom of the page.

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6/20/12 5:51 P

awh I'm sorry I replied to this post thinking that someone was replying to me directly! Doh! Will get this message board figured out sooner or later!

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6/20/12 5:35 P

Awh thanks! I'm still trying to find my way about the site, but it looks great :D

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6/20/12 5:22 P

You've come to the right place! People are are great at helping keep others motivated and on track.

I'd recommend setting up your SparkPage so that you can join SparkTeams and add SparkFriends who have the same goals and interests as you do. I've found that those help me a lot when my motivation is down.

You can do this!

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6/20/12 5:21 P

Hi! I'm the same, hate asking for help, dread the thought of going to weight loss groups, so thought I would give this a go! Good luck! emoticon

6/20/12 4:53 P

Hi everyone. I have never reached out for help with anything. That hasn't worked out too well for me. So, I am giving this a try with a positive attitude for a new start and a new me.

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