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COFFEELADY68 Posts: 30
8/23/12 8:53 A

I can relate to your story, and I'm around the same weight that you are. I haven't been consistent about exercising though. My poor eating habits and sedentary habits have been passed onto my teenage daughter which I regret. I want to encourage you to keep up the good work and for taking the step to share about your journey! emoticon

SCGAALMOM Posts: 215
8/22/12 3:08 P

I definitely hear a lot of myself in your post, especially having many stops and starts over the years. I think three weeks is fantastic progress!! emoticon

SHEENYTG SparkPoints: (1,967)
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8/22/12 12:19 P

congrats trying to loss weight is not an easy thing u have made it 3 weeks and i am happy for you i know that now that u care about ur body and the things u put in it that u will do great! walking is great and that u had back problems and can still get up and walk is a great thing keep it up let no one get you down!

72SHANNON SparkPoints: (472)
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8/22/12 11:04 A

I have went on and off eating sprees most of my adult life. "I'm going to diet", "I'm going to exercise", have been empty words for years now but I have been "eating healthly" for 3 weeks now, and keeping up with calories and carbs. Something I have never done before. I know that 3 weeks doesn't sound like alot to some veterans who have been sticking to their plans for months or even years, but for me it is a milestone. I really care what I put in my body now and I am trying to make my kids see it does matter. I actually walked today, not very far, but first time since my back surgery 2 years ago, and I did band work on my arms. I know that this post may not encourage anyone else but for me to admit these things to others is the accountablity I have been scared of for 20 years. This site has been a good help in keeping up with calories/carbs, giving recipes, etc but the greatest thing for me so far is the ability to admit to others my faults, and successes, because weight has always been such a taboo subject with me. My family knows how sensitive I am so everyone just ignored it, because they love me. Here I get honest feed back and helpful information. This is were thoughts become reality, and dreams are starting to come alive. (And I lost 1 more pound.)

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