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5/22/12 12:21 A

Watch the HBO Documentary "The WEIGHT of the NATION" on YouTube, as it has four parts.

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5/21/12 2:07 A

So...I started seeing my babe in October 2010. We were both going to school. (separate colleges, separate towns) Anyway....he hadn't seen me since we were in high school. (I was about 290 then). I admit, at this point I was a little more confident--I lost around 50 lbs since he seen me whole attitude towards life was different to boot. We finally got a break and got to see each other (I was so nervous!) When we met...I swear we were the same weight. He decided to tell me that he was going to join the army. He had just started losing weight. (I kinda tapered off for awhile of my strict eating habits) He had Fiber One bars in his car (I used to love those things!) He cooked me egg whites and green peppers for breakfast (Something I used to wake up religiously for). Anyway, I went back to school after the break. I of course was smitten and we couldn't stop talking to each other. We got to see one another during our summer break and I could tell that he had probably lost ten or so pounds. After the Summer I went back to school and he went into basic training. As soon as he got home from BT, He contacted me and we met right away. I was stunned!! He lost 30 pounds in BT!!

I thought he looked amazing! (but he has always looked amazing to me--even when he had the big round cheeks). Anyway, he had to leave for Airborne training. He came back in March and he lost another 15 pounds. I really could not believe it when I seen him.

To be honest....I felt like crap. Now I know he cares for me either way. But I see how much progress he has made and now he is overseas and we still talk with one another every single day...but I feel left behind(?)

I haven't told him, but I really started working on myself A LOT! He won't be able to come home until October/November. I really want to work on my fitness. I want to be able to run 8 miles with him. I know it took him 9 months and the Army to get him where he is....and I'll pace myself as well.

Is it bad that I want to impress him when he comes home?

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